Honestly why wouldn't I.

Initially when my sister proposed the idea to me I was shocked and a little angry but after listening to her reasoning it actually made sense.
My sister came to me and after a bottle or two of wine suggested we swap husbands, I truly thought she was kidding but as it turned out she was completely serious. The first time didn't go so well, She left upset and I spent days wondering why she would even suggest that but then she brought it up again, The second time I decided to get to the bottom of it, We had an actual discussion about it and I am not going to get into all the details but that night after she left my mind just kept going back to her debate points and they started to make sense.
A couple weeks later after not mentioning it we were all having a card night and I asked her if her husband had been made aware of what she had been discussing with me, She said "Yeah, Of course, We have talked many times about it", She informed me that he was VERY on board with the whole idea and that it was in no way his idea, Just hers. I said "So what if I said yes and she said "Well, that would be great, Phenominal really" and I said "Yeah but how would this work?" She asked if my husband was on board and I told her he was unaware of our discussions but that I didn't think it would be that hard of a sell to him.
My sister is a younger very attractive girl so why would he not be into it but I asked why her husband was so on board and she told me that he had always had a thing for me and I said "Yeah, Until he sees me naked" and she laughed saying he had and that was when he told her how hot I looked, I was like "WHAAAAAAT?, When?" and she said they had sneaked outside to smoke a spliff a year or so previous one night when we were at the family lake house and our curtains were open, I was wandering around the bedroom and had nothing on, He noticed and she had suggested he take a peek so they did.
At first I was a bit embarrassed and...Not angry but surprised that they had looked and a bit more surprised that he was into what he had seen, My sister and her husband have decided not to have kids, My husband and I have 3 and naked I look like a mom, Smallish saggy b******, Little thicc out back but over all I am pretty good with the way I look, Mainly just the b******. Anyway she suggested we go back inside with no bras and just kinda tease the guys and make a fun game out of it, Neither of us is huge up top but she is on the smaller side of a D and I used to be boderline C-D depending on the day/Week with the main difference being that hers are far more impressive than mine just because they stay where they are supposed to and my 3 kids beat the crap out of my nips, My husband always says he loves them but I think they are so awkward and weird looking because they stiffen up and look like a jube jube on a pancake, the are seriously the size of a large mans thumb, Wrinkly and pull my whole areolea and some of the b*** skin in and wrinkle everything up.
Anyway enough about my wierd nips, I agreed to what she suggested and we went inside, I tried not to get pokies but there was no way not to, My husband noticed right away and when I sat down my sisters husband looked up, Seen them and looked at my sister, Seen hers and the look on his face said it all, He looked like he was about to blow his load right then and there and got all fidgity and I caught my husband taking multiple glances at my sisters pokies. My sister and her husband went outside to burn one and my husband was going to go with until I suggested he stay with me for a minute and when the door closed he instantly tried to jump me.
I pushed him back and said "Hold up sparky, I have something I want to...Suggest", I was a little taken aback at his reaction and he was...Hesitant, I said "What?, How many times have you suggested doing something to liven up the bedroom?", He nodded and said "Well, Yeah but..." and we had a little discussion and I honestly thought for a few moments he was going to say no but when my sister and her husband came back inside she looked like her nips were about to rip through her top and my husband pretty much got a woody right there.
My sister and I sat side by side and my husband sat on the other side of her, Her husband on the other side of me and I watched out of the corner of my eye as my husband watched my sisters husband slide his hand up my shirt giving me goosebumps. I said "Ok, Ok, this isn't a all together type thing, The kids are gone until tomorrow afternoon and you guys can go to the spare room". I honestly thought it would be way more awkward than it was but they got up and left and we went to our room, I kissed my husband before they went downstairs and said "Are you 100%?", He nodded and asked if I was, I nodded and we went our separate ways.
Well, By the next morning we were all in a very different place than we were 24 hours before and it was GREAT!!!!!, Not the actual intercourse but it just seemed to...I don't even know how to describe it...It just took me to a place in my mind, My body, My world that just felt right and really has cemented my relationship with my husband, My sister and her husband live 10 hours away and come see us once a month or once every couple months and we make sure to send the kids to the in-laws for at least one night and it has been great, 4 years and going strong .

Oct 6, 2020

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  • My brother asked me one night after a few beers if I was interested in his wife. She was a pretty gal, a bit heavy but nothing harmed by it. I had never even thought of it but once mentioned it sounded good.
    So he left to go over and surprise my wife while I stayed with his. She was certainly willing, but it took my brother a long time to convince my wife that it was OK because I was with his. But, he managed to get the deed done. For some reason my wife was p***** when I got home, but there was nothing new there.

  • Fake

  • Every guy wants to f*** his sister in law to see if the p****** are the same

  • I have an unspoke agreement with my cousin, From a young age we would from time to time sleep with each others boyfriends and not say anything to them about the fact that we both knew but didn't know, We never arranged anything but it was never an issue when one would find out about the other and it wasn't until we were both married which put the others man off limits. Two years ago we went to mexico with 14 members of my family and me and her got trashed on margaritas and admitted everything to each other, It was actually good to say it out loud and I found out I only ever had one boyfriend she didn't sleep with and I slept with all of hers. She was with my husband 3 times before we got married and I was with hers at least a dozen. I don't think we would ever get to a swap type thing now after all these years but I would be willing.

  • Update: We tried an all in the same bed thing....Nope, Not good, We will keep it to separate rooms from now on. Far too much going on and actually seeing it happen was not my thing, Also switching threw me off.

  • Build a regular four-some arrangement to have s**...

  • I wish my wife would suggest this to her sister.

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