My husband had his friends over

My husband was hosting a boy's night with his friends yesterday and David was there. I have had my eye on David for a while and we finally f***** the other week. When he arrived, I knew it would happen that time as well. He was wearing a white t-shirt that showed his muscles and biceps, together with some basketball shorts. He winked at me before he hugged me to greet me when he saw me. I tried to talk to my husband's other friends just to catch up but I couldn't help stealing glances at David.

They all were having a video game night and were busy concentrating on their video games. I stared David down until he noticed I was looking at him. He excused himself to go to the bathroom. After two minutes, I followed him. I found him upstairs on my bed. I closed the door and did not say anything off. I ripped his clothes off and we immediately got hot and heavy with each other. David is a good kisser and I was thoroughly enjoying every moment of it. He bent me over my dresser and rammed his thick c*** into my wet p****. I could feel his full length and girth deep inside my p**** as we went in and out. I took off my bra and put his hands on my b****.

I was loving every moment of it. I had to restrain myself from moaning in case anyone heard me. He put his hand on my mouth when I moaned particularly loud once and kept f****** me hard. I made him lay down and rode him wildly until I came. That didn't stop me though and I kept going until I felt him tense up. He groaned and twitched and held me tight as he shot his c** inside me. He told me how much he loved f****** me, then he went back down to play the game with his friends. I didn't bother taking a shower. I let his c** drip into my panties and rub against my c*** as I watched him play all evening.


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  • it all before.

  • Shut up

  • Did you miss getting the cream pie?

  • F******

    O F F

    C U N T

  • No you

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