Friends with benefits

Okay, so I’m in school and before covid the guy I sat next to in one of my classes would hit on me pretty much everyday and I would teasingly flirt back. Now, bc of quarantine I haven’t hung out with people in weeks and by god I just want to f****** get off. I really want to be fwb with him because ik he had a big d*** but I’m too awkward to say it to him... last time I texted him he said he was “talking w someone” so I don’t know if that means I shouldn’t offer....

Oct 7

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  • Well if I was that guy definitely want to be your friend with benefit. If I were him I would offer suck your p**** real good. I'm an older man I could be with you I suck your p**** real good. I would also love to eat you on your period. I love to pull your panties down and see your b***** menstrual. pad. It would be my fantasy see that little strings hanging out of your p**** grabbing it with my teeth until I eventually take the tampon into my mouth. I would suck on it so I can taste all your menstrual blood. Then I would spread your legs wide open and shove my tongue up your b***** p****. I'd spread open your hole so I can see the menstrual blood in your p**** suck on your open holes until I took as much of your menses in my mouth and down my throat. After I have my way with you I would stick my c*** in your b***** p**** f*** you real good while I suck on your dirty menstrual pad. While I'm sucking you I would look you in the eyes and run my tongue all over your dirty pad and suck your blood out of it. And since I'm a cross-dresser I would do all this while wearing naughty lingerie. And after we'd be done I would love to lay in the tub and how you p*** all over me p*** in my open mouth so I could taste your p*** while I j*** off I'm all over my hand. That would play take a real b***** and stick it in my panties under my cocking b**** and walk around with it all day . suck all the come off my fingers. For those of you who's never ate a b***** p**** you should try it taste so good I love the period Blood running down my chin. Sometimes when I dress up put it dirty. Pads in my panties and pull them out to my c*** and b**** I walk around like that all day knowing this blood-soaked pads feels so good against my c*** and b****

  • What is wrong with you!!??

  • A little motherly advice from a 49 year old mom who has been in your shoes.

    You only live once. The only regrets I have had is the regrets related to the guys I did not duck or suck. Ride that big c*** and tell me all about it. But use protection, sweetheart

  • I really love an open minded mother. I would love to hear more about your regrets

  • We are all seeking love.
    Sometimes even those of us who have found it.
    Still looking for, hoping for, wanting wanting.
    wanting more
    or underappreciating or misunderstanding the preciousness or importance of what we have.
    Failing to recognize that we are not
    Entitled to "more".
    We humans are an intensely imperfect species.
    A failed experiment. We are, in short,
    a wretched mess.

  • The girl he claims to be "talking with" could be at another college, one halfway across the country, or all the way on the other side of the world. Or it could have been a way of testing the seriousness of your interest in him, to see how far you might declare yourself. My recommendation is that you just maintain contact with him, make your interest clear, but not sexual (not yet), and just see where it leads. There will be time for you to test the waters, without overplaying your cards. My guess is that, soon, you'll be able to put yourself in front of him, with a chance for heavy FWB. Best wishes, my dear.

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