I confessed to my mum tonight

I confessed to my fifty five year old mum tonight that I have spied on her undressing since I was Fourteen to see her naked. I'm now twenty five years old. . I explained I'd also watched her aged about twelve through the keyhole in her bedroom get naked for her boyfriend to f*** her.

Mum initially seemed a little shocked before saying " I suppose you'd like a closer look would you , is that what you are trying to telling me Steve ?".
I replied " I wouldn't say no mum ".
Mum replied " You 'd better come here then and unzip my trousers for me ".
I unzipped my mum's trousers and saw a familiar pair of knickers.
I sniffed them again but this time mum still had them on.
" Pull my knickers down then " she said .
I did as I was told and got an eyeful for the first time of my mum's bushy hairy brown f****. .

I got an instant b**** and buried my face in my mum's pubes .
" You like that son do you ? Have I made you hard ? " She asked.
I nodded. Mum was now topless.
Mum said " Do you want to f*** me son now that you've had a proper look ? "
" Really mum , you're going to let me ? " I asked as mum took my hand and headed upstairs.
Mum lay on the bed legs spread and I got a saw properly between her legs for the first time: Mums curly brown pubic hairs trimmed just enough to keep them.in her knickers, her pubes right from her f**** to her bum hole and of course her f**** slit.
" Come on Steve " mum said ."
" I'm.all yours son f***.my hairy f**** that you like so much!".
I climbed between my mum's knees, grabbed her right t** ,entered my mum's f**** slowly, inhaled her aroma then f***** my mum's.hairy f**** good and hard before pulling out and spunking all over mum's full bush..
That was heaven and hopefully not the last time I get to f*** my mum.

Oct 15, 2020

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  • I was the first person to f*** my mum since my dad died 13years ago, which probably explains she was keen to let me f*** her and why we both had such a good time. I`m sure I`ll f*** her again.
    I love my mum`s bushy hairy brunette f**** that is darker than the hair on her head, her lovely t***,her personal aroma, the little groans and squeals mum makes as we f***...... mmm
    I`ve got to try my luck again tonight .
    I think I`d like to finger her first, and then f*** her her.

  • Sounds to me that the way she 😜 was acting , that you will be able to f*** her anytime you felt like getting on top her and riding her like f*** .

    She is obviously gagging for it especially with you being her Son My advice is to give her a good f****** without her asking you if you want to f*** you I'm she sure she would loved to have you take her by surprise surprise😜 as she is obviously a very 😤 lady and your both a good age gap between you ,to make it more enjoyable to f*** and older ladies c*** as she probably loved having a younger c*** in it.

    Incidentally is your Dad still around that your mum is letting you f*** her , obviously he must not be supplying her sexual needs.

    Would love you to comment to my question about your Dad being around.

    Please reply if you can and want to.

    Tell to go back into skirts and ditch her trousers , more mature women f*** better when they are sensuality dressed as a woman. .

    Enjoy your self f****** her.

    My thoughts ate with you both .I'm so jealous.

  • The part about boys spying on their mom and or sister is true. FYI, we already know. However, the rest of your story is purely your fantasy.

  • You`ve obviously never had the pleasure.
    My aunt Joan is my next target.
    Four years older than mum with t*** to die for.
    Will probably never happen.

  • Neither have I , but my advice would to stick with the woman you know eg if she makes a good ride for you ,forget about your Aunt Joan ,as you might get a knock back from her as far as f****** her is concerned .

    Your Mum may get jealous if she thought you were going to f*** your Aunt and ban you from doing anything you like to her eg by f****** her c*** all the time. Food for thought ,would not just be happy f****** your mother if you enjoy her.

    Than be left with no one to ooo f*** with. Think on.

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