I confessed to my mum tonight

I confessed to my fifty five year old mum tonight that I have spied on her undressing since I was Fourteen to see her naked. I'm now twenty five years old. . I explained I'd also watched her aged about twelve through the keyhole in her bedroom get naked for her boyfriend to f*** her.

Mum initially seemed a little shocked before saying " I suppose you'd like a closer look would you , is that what you are trying to telling me Steve ?".
I replied " I wouldn't say no mum ".
Mum replied " You 'd better come here then and unzip my trousers for me ".
I unzipped my mum's trousers and saw a familiar pair of knickers.
I sniffed them again but this time mum still had them on.
" Pull my knickers down then " she said .
I did as I was told and got an eyeful for the first time of my mum's bushy hairy brown f****. .

I got an instant b**** and buried my face in my mum's pubes .
" You like that son do you ? Have I made you hard ? " She asked.
I nodded. Mum was now topless.
Mum said " Do you want to f*** me son now that you've had a proper look ? "
" Really mum , you're going to let me ? " I asked as mum took my hand and headed upstairs.
Mum lay on the bed legs spread and I got a saw properly between her legs for the first time: Mums curly brown pubic hairs trimmed just enough to keep them.in her knickers, her pubes right from her f**** to her bum hole and of course her f**** slit.
" Come on Steve " mum said ."
" I'm.all yours son f***.my hairy f**** that you like so much!".
I climbed between my mum's knees, grabbed her right t** ,entered my mum's f**** slowly, inhaled her aroma then f***** my mum's.hairy f**** good and hard before pulling out and spunking all over mum's full bush..
That was heaven and hopefully not the last time I get to f*** my mum.

Oct 15, 2020

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  • The part about boys spying on their mom and or sister is true. FYI, we already know. However, the rest of your story is purely your fantasy.

  • You`ve obviously never had the pleasure.
    My aunt Joan is my next target.
    Four years older than mum with t*** to die for.
    Will probably never happen.

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