Slutty mum

Growing up i couldn't bring friends home because my mum would try and sleep with them and would hear her with different guys even now she's still the same and would flirt with family members and found out she had s** with at least 2,she's been coming round my house dressed up to slutty for her age she's late 50s,her sexual comments to my son like you wouldn't need a condom with me and he's showing her more attention and i finally asked her if she would go through with it if she could and she shocked me by saying she would f*** him this moment so i called my 17yo son in to the room to see what his reaction would be and when i asked my mum said to him you would wouldn't you hun and by the looking at his shorts i knew the answer,I got up and said do what you want and i will be back in 5 minutes, coming back you could hear them f****** on my sofa as i waited for them to finish my mum's makeup running down her face as she said it's because he face f***** her, that wasn't the only time because he spends his time at hers mostly.

Nov 29, 2020

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  • I'm not getting into details, but in my family incest happens alot. My great great grandparents were neice who had a son by her uncle. And she had a three child by her son. And since that time everyone has been f****** everyone. It seems we are all Bisexual I've sucked a lot of c*** and p**** in 40 years. Each generation of children have spouses from outside the family, but our family members still are with each other and making children. New blood from outside the family prevents birth defects.

    You would also be surprised at how many outside spouses came to join in and the our special family tradition. I think most family members deep down want s** with a parent or sibling

  • Fake story but growing up a friend of mine dated a girl who's mom was a slutt, She would come home from the bar and we always partied at her house because she was never home, Quite often she would get home and have a couple drinks with us and one of the guys or sometimes more than one would take her upstairs and pound her, Only one time we were able to get buddy to take his GF away from the house for a bit and we all took turns on her in the livingroom but after that she wouldn't let us, It was always one or two at a time.

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