Can't get enough of him

I'm a 38 year old single mum to a 22 year old, always been able to have a joke with him but in the last year the comments have turned sexual,at one point i thought something was going to happen, months later we was in a restaurant with my sister and when she left the table he said i looked stunning if you wasn't my mum i would take you into the toilet rip you're knickers off and f*** your brains out, wasn't surprised with him saying that and said back to him that's one problem solved and took of my little lace black panties and headed to the toilet's,he couldn't get his d*** out fast enough and f****** in the cubicle like teenagers i couldn't get my legs around him as he was pounding that hard,when he finished and pulled out i didn't want it to be awkward,his words driving me home was wait till i get you home you're ass is getting f*****.

Apr 8, 2020

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  • My son has been enjoying me for the last 13 years

  • And why not! Good for you ;-)

  • You are absolutely right which is why the law needs to be changed

  • In enlightened countries in Europe, consensual in cest is legal, as it is in many Asian countries. I grew up in Nagpur, India, and my mother first let me fu ck her when I was 13. Most Indian mothers are being fu cked by their sons. Many Indian husbands prefer underaged girls to their wives, who often tend to put on a lot oif weight after they've given birth. Like many Indian mothers, mine shaves her pu ssy. and it's so exciting to lick it.

  • Think of inviting your sis for a 3-some. I am fed-up with my lifeless d****. A hard warm c*** to f*** with ... I am dying for one like it!!!

  • S** can be very passionate between a mother and son. Me and my mum used to f*** like rabbits!

  • So did I. My Mom had me when she was only 16, so she still looked hot when I was a young man and h**** as heck. I think this type of thing is more common than most people are willing to admit or talk about.

  • OMG! that was quite a direct invitation to f***. And you did well to him and your h**** son. Let us know the follow ups!!

  • Yes! We all want know where this romance went from there and where it stands today, including any more of these romantic interludes along the way. For me, I cannot stop thinking of how you took him in your a***, and all the beautiful things you said to each other as he slowly slid himself deeper and deeper and deeper into your s***. So warm, so loving, so rapturous. One question: had you given up the a****** before, or did he get your asscherry?? This is a wonderful relationship! Please tell us more......

  • Luck lucky boy !
    When I was his age I'd fantasise about f****** my mum all the time but had to make do with spying on her undressing every night to see her t*** and her hairy f**** .
    I'd often come home, see my mum and take a pair of her dirty knickers to my room to sniff as I sucked on a stray p*** while I wanked over my mums f**** scent.
    She caught me once on my knees, d*** in hand sniffing her knickers but just silently walked out the room.
    I wish I'd said something !
    Would she.have let me f*** her ?
    I'll never know.

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