My pedo story

I been having unprotected s** with my lil cousin since she was 5 I woke up to her sleep walking an she crawled in my bed a got h**** a f*** her an finished in her s***** an she woke up bleeding told her mom her mom chrcked her out but couldn't not tell if anything happened so i been having s** with her everyday since the she 8 now



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  • You should kill yourself. Monster

  • Nice I found a girl letting a dog lick her under a bridge she had all her clothes off I watched her let the dog hump her and it was getting ready to go it inside her I moved the dog to the side and started having s** with the girl my c*** was smaller than the dog first time I ever had s** and c** inside a girl I was 13 she may have been 5

  • 8 is nice, much tighter at 5 though

  • Sure dude nice dream

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