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Weekend just gone me and wife were having a bottle of wine on Saturday night watching TV when we heard are neighbour what seemed to be having s**. (We live in an apartment) so we got a bit frisky and listening to neighbour with his new girlfriend having s** we started to have foreplay and s** which was great once we finished and exhausted on the bed we still neared them at it after we had finished my wife while laying on the bed next to me said why can't you f*** me hard like that anymore and still be going like they are, told her we've been married for 12 yrs and she said well if you didn't have a small c*** you might be able to carry on .................devastated

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  • Encourage her to find a young stud with a big c*** that you can watch as he plunders her,I do with mine couple times a year,hear her whimper as she tries to take it and begs him to stop after twenty or so minutes,I have seen mine totally exhausted and the young pup still going at her for over two hours,soon stops them moaning about a quick 15 minute f*** from you;although mine still meets twice a year for good pounding she loves huge young c*** 8-10" ones

  • Ignore the virgins below: 2 options:
    1. You should have got on top of her and f*** her so good that the other couple wish they were like you
    2. Embrass the fact that she wants to dominate you. The teasing was to rake charge.
    How big is your c***?

  • Tell the b**** it's not you small c***, it her loose saggy c***. Fist the bitchs c*** and tell her it's still to sloppy

  • What a f****** c*** you are married to! You should have told her you have enough trouble getting it up thinking you're stuck f****** her that once you do you want it to end as soon as possible let alone going for round two.

  • G******* that b with an itch. Bring her to me. I will take your revenge. Dont be devastated!

  • You should have told her if she was half way decent you still would be

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