My wife and I have a very healthy s** life and she was pregnant when we married.
We discovered wife sharing on the internet after our daughter was born and we watched clips of men sharing their wives as a kind of foreplay after that and fantasized abut doing it ourselves but Sarah would always back out after talking to a guy several times .
When she got pregnant the second time we still did this and we still talked about sharing her but again it was just talk until we found an interracial wife sharing site and she always commented on how beautiful the almost hairless well muscled bodies of some of the guys looked .
I asked her if she wanted to try one and she agreed to talk to one and see how things went.
She was pregnant so we didn't have to worry about that and when she was pregnant she was always very h****.
We went through several adds before meeting Jason that lived about 30 miles away and she talked to him several times when I was at work and one night she asked me if I was sure about it and by this time I was more than sure so she called and we agreed to meet at Motel 8 in Fairfield just off I-80 that coming Saturday.
Sarah couldn't stop talking about it and ever night she would almost rape me and I knew that she was more than ready.
we had arranged for a room and we showed up early to pick up our key card and made ourselves at home but Sarah was a nervous wreck now convinced that he must have changed his mind looking out the window every few seconds until we herd the knock on the door..
Sarah almost jumped out of her skin when he knocked and she stood there like a deer caught in headlights as I opened the door and let Jason in.. I was nervous myself as he and I shook hands and he introduced himself then I turned and Sarah was standing there nervously wringing her hands with a nervous smile and i said this is my wife
Sarah Jason stepped over to her and Sarah went into his arms and she was frantically rubbing her body against his and he responded .
I was shocked and just stood there as they clawed at each other throwing their clothes in every direction as Sarah grunted making animal sounds in her throat she was completely nude now and was helping him push his pants down until his c*** fell free of his shorts and she grabbed it and began to stroke his c*** while she sucked his c*** head and his c*** was filling up fast
Sarah stood then and with his c*** still in her hand she pulled him to the bed and she backed up on it and crab crawled back up until she was sitting on the edge of the bed. and Jason kneeled and began to lick her p**** as Sarah moaned her pleasure grunting OH GOD OH GOD then she began to move farther up on the bed and said I want you in me and Jason complied his 8 inch c*** now fully erect and Sarah reached in between them and guided him into her.
She cried out as he slipped out of site in her very lubricated p**** and they began to f*** wildly .
Sarah is very vocal when having s** and she had his ass cheeks in her hands her feet on the bed with her knees bent as she gasped OH YEA OH YEA her body was meeting his thrusts on every stroke with a very wet slapping sound
This was happening so fast that i just stood there dumbly and watched in shock.
I could see his c*** and b**** wet with her excitement as he f***** her his egg sized b**** danced around as they f*****.
Sarah was grunting like a pig as they rutted and she was saying don't c** yet don't c** yet ugh ugh oh f*** I'm cummings she while as her body arched off the mattress and she clung to him as she came making straggled sounds in her throat She came a second time then Jason came to as their body ground against each other and finally Jason relaxed his head on the bed beside hers they gasped for breath their harsh breathing was the only sound until Sarah began to laugh in release breathlessly.
after they calmed down Sarah took his lifeless c*** in her hand and she looked at me her hair was a mess and her lipstick was smeared and she looked just beautiful as she smiled nervously at me and I told her she was beautiful and her smile beamed back at me and she sucked his c*** back into her mouth.
They f***** three times that day and for weeks after that she would bring it up again and again She wants to do it again before she starts to show her pregnant so we are looking at other adds now.

Oct 19, 2020

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  • This is a great start to her continuing to be a hotwife for bbc. My wife was very h**** during her pregnancies and we agreed it would be a safe period to live out our fantasies. She already had a young man who had been trying to get a date we her, so she agreed went out for dinner with him. Over dinner she let him know she was 3 months gone and had developed strong urges for s** which I was not able to keep up with. Her young friend was eager to offer his help so she invited him home to meet me. He was understandably nervous but we quickly assured him it was a mutual decision and he relaxed. While we shared a couple of beers, Jane went upstairs to change and returned wearing a black transparent short robe. She walked over to him and planted her lips on his. He got the hint and was soon running his has all over her in front of me. As soon as I excused myself to go to the kitchen, Jane took his hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. I remained downstairs until they had finished and she brought him back down to send him on his way and hoped he would come back soon. I had never seen Jane look so happy. She was glowing and kissed me deeply, thanked my for allowing it to happen and told me she wasn’t finished as she took me back to our bedroom. The room smelled of s** and the sheets were still wet with c** stains. This only made my c*** even harder. She got on the bed on all fours so I had a good view of her used very wet p**** and demanded that I give my naughty wife a good pounding. I did not last very long before adding my c** to her lovers.
    It was obvious that I enjoyed what had just happened, and she was hot to do it again. So it continued up to her 8 month, she would have the urge and call her young friend to come over and I would have sloppy p**** afterwards.

    3 months after our baby was born, Jane confessed that she still had the urge for another c*** so her young friend became a frequent visitor to our house.

  • Iv f***** 6 different pregnant women . only 1 was pregnant for me . always found it a turnon . and ne was a 3some with her husband . that was bit strange .

  • Sure bro

  • Even after she starts showing she should do it! It's so so sexy!

  • My wife and I went down that road. What we did differently though was she only ride guys that looked like me, in case the rubber didn't work.

    Good thing too, our youngest was an accident I wasn't part of

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