I hate being so mediocre

For the first time in years I've fallen for a woman. I couldn't have cooked her up in a lab better myself and our personalities vibe very well.. We've been seeing each other for nearly 2 months and we finally got physical. I'm not the biggest guy in the world. Im super average at almost 6in. I've never had a complaint or has it ever been an issue with any other woman.
The next morning she tells me that she could barely feel me. It crushed my ego but also hurt me because I love to please my partner. She thinks it may be caused by the spermicide lubricant she used in her ** prior to **. I'm not sure after research if there was any conclusive evidence to suggest that's a possible side effect. Needless to say, its been on my mind all day and now I absolutely hate myself, my body, my equipment. I know there's nothing I could do to change my size. It hurts extra bad because I know we both feel pretty strongly about each other and of course the universe screws me like this. If this was any other woman, I wouldn't care and I'd move on but I can't. I'm lost.

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Ptsd from my time as a nurse

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  • Extends really works man it takes 2 months of taking it but by the end youll have a pornstar **. I know i used to work in ** its a requirment to take it if your not naturally 9". Im not same size as you unless i take my extends.

  • Get her a guy with 10" **... you'll know if she stays or not.

  • I dream of being six inches....

  • The ** 6 inch is way enough. Chill out.

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