Ptsd from my time as a nurse

I'm a former nurse with PTSD from something that I did.

When I first became a nurse, I assisted the clinitions that circumcised new born boys. I cry thinking about what I did. We tourture baby boys. Sometimes we didn't even use anestetic. I would hand the boy back to their parents and said that it's normal for them to cry for a few hours. We discuraged parents to come see their son get tourtured, but I've seen parents burst into tears watching us. Sometimes we didn't do it right and the babies p***s was left slightly deformed.

When I transferred to the ER I saw some other horrorers. A few times I saw infants rushed into the emergency because the scab on their ** bursted after being circumcised and they almost bled to death.

We say that baby boys have never died after being circumcised but in reality there isn't an index that keeps track of the deaths. If a baby dies of blood loss or an infection from circumcision, hemorrhage (blood loss) or septus (infection) is listed on the death certificate.

This needs to be outlawed. I'm sobbing on my keyboard now just thinking about this. I quit my job as a nurse because of all of that and now I work as a school nurse.

Excuse typos's, I've always had spelling challenges.

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  • I had my son's circumcised. Also society is too soft. Pain is good. It builds character and the cane enforces boundaries and demonstrates who is in charge.

  • You are a disgusting piece of **. You should rot in prison.

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