Straight for whatever

So my gf let's me have hookups as long as I tell her about it before and after. Communication is key. I work out of town, so do see her during the week. So once or twice a week I go online wherever I am and find a twink to blow me in my vehicle. Usually we meet in a parking lot or somewhere. I lean back with my junk already out, and they get right to it. I usually take a long time but love treating them like crap, so when they tell me they jaw is getting sore I tell them that sounds like a you problem and to put it back in there mouth and suck it better. Then after awhile I grab there head and pound it down there throat really hard then make them swallow. Some just hop out after, I've jad a few thank me after. Lol like I did them a favor. Then I head back and text my gf what happened.

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  • Sure bro

  • We all have that dream once in our life but unfortantly we wake up from it too

  • Ahhhhbullshitt I'm allergic to fakeCRAP!

  • Looks like you are also allergic to basic spelling and grammar

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