I posed ** in the 1970s

I was a ** model in the 1970s

Oct 27, 2020

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  • This Fable Its done. The well is empty. The cow has been milked dry. The dead horse has been beaten to a pulp. Its over.

  • Cluck cluck cluck

  • How much ** was you chugging on when you made this up

  • Did you flush the chain after you wrote this

  • This is the OP I posed in my ** filled ** too

  • We know this comment is from the OP, why because he liked his own comment LOL

  • I love poopoo chat

  • Lets chat about all the times you have shat

  • Mmm toilet talk

  • Anyone used a russian squat toilet?

  • This is a thread now for taking about toilets **

  • I guess you cannot even say L.M.F.A.O

  • Rip goes my **

  • ** is sliding out of my **

  • **...

  • Not long after I got married my husband started suggesting that I pose ** for a dirty men's magazine. That got us talking a lot about the whys and risks of it. I was both frightened and thrilled at the thought of being recognized in it. I wanted men to love ** for me but I didn't want to get humiliated by anyone being mean about it.

    I was thinking of ** but my husband was pushing the ** magazines as they showed more and were more expensive, so I was less likely to be spotted by the casual reader. We compromised and I posed for Perfect 10.
    We bought as many issues as we could afford and for years after that my husband would slip my issue into dirty magazine collections in places like
    auto repair garages, tire changing centers and he gave some to his friends.

    I felt uncomfortable at the time, knowing he was doing that, and dealing with some of the awkward situations, but looking back I'm glad of it all.

  • GTFO this is a toilet talk thread now

  • How does that work??? you are a guy for start lol..

  • When I was a kid, my mom had me doing modelling. They would take photos of me in underwear for Target and kmart catalogues. To save embarrassment, my photos went in the catalogues of a different state and so my friends did not see me in my undies.

  • Then you woke up

  • Yeah we are all model posing ** around here lol

  • Okay boomer

  • How funny that Mils and Zoomers are such extremely delicate petals about being called out on anything like their gender or race, but it's still ok to dunk on people older than them. The older Millennials are starting to experience ageism, get the popcorn!! LOL

  • I have seen the beginnings of this. The perpetual whining will start ratcheting up even louder when enough of them start being treated the way they treated "olds" before.

  • Okay Silent Generation, maybe do what your generation name says and STFU LOL

  • Lol, I don't think there are many Silent Generation types around here, lol. Just people older and MUCH smarter than you. So maybe STFU your own self! Lol

  • Cockalorum - self important little man, I had to give you the definition I mean you being no SMARTER then someone with 1 digital IQ may benefit... and I see you still like voting your own comment up, guess no one else will LOL consider this your silent A$$ handed to you. no STFU thanks

  • Lots of indignant but worthless words. As usual, your childlike self loves to make noise without much caring about content. All because your widdle fee-fees got all injured. Waaaahhh

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