Secret fantasy.

Long story short… I (57 male) want my wife (55 female) of 20 years to see other mature/older guys nude. Like nudist nude, not swinger having s** nude. Why? H*** if I know! But the thought friggin charges me up to the max.

What professional would one go to figure out why I want this?

Feb 4

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  • Get her into art and drawing. Hire a nude male model for her to draw.

  • You raise her value by having other men see her body. You also raise yours by having her see other men and still want you.

  • It's a test to see how attractive you still are to her, maybe. Maybe it turns you on to think that she could see other naked men and still be with you. I'm a nudist and I've had this happen before. A guy brought his wife to a clothing optional resort and started a conversation....then he left to go to the store down the street, leaving his wife and I hanging out and having nude, her in a tank top and shorts. By the time he got back, she was topless. I think that turned him on, seeing us sit there together.

  • Misunderstanding. Yeah I want her (my wife) covered/clothed unless she wants to disrobe. No s**. Just she (wife) seeing other guys nude, in person. CFNM but with my wife… and no s**. Weird that it gets me h****. If I could get rid of this feeling I’d do it but, again, I think about it and I get hard.

  • I don't understand why you think that anything is wrong with wanting to show off your wife. Take her to a nude beach. There will be many guys by themselves and they will all want to check out your nude wife.

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