I'm a man but I fantasize being a woman

I am a man and have never been with a man and have been with my share of woman but when I fantasize and **, I only get hard thinking of men. Not only that, I fantasize that I am the "girl" and want to be used and humiliated. Sometimes I fantasize about being passed around like a ** toy for a group of macho alpha makes as my girlfriend watches and she laughs at me and calls me a sissy **.

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I like it maybe too much.

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  • It’s sounds like you should start hormone treatment to slim down the hips and start the process of sprouting some beautiful **. Once you are comfortable with your girly appearance, look into having your testicles removed, it will be very calming for you and make you feel more feminine. Don’t let the surgeon remove you empty sac as this can be used at a later date to create your **.

  • There is in my group of friends, a guy Dylan who came out to us as a Crossdresser 4 years ago. After 4 years we think of Dylan as a woman with a **.

    Our girlfriend and wives don't know it. But Dylan is all our "girl" now. We set Dylan up in an apartment and we ** her(him) constantly. She can't get enough ** in her ** or mouth. On Friday night Dylan ** and is ** by all 8 of us.

    Truthfully, everyone of us has fallen in love with Dylan and we all say he better than any woman we been with. We all want to leave my wives and girlfriends to be with Dylan full time.

    She is perfect woman.

  • Omg, thats awesome! Thats exactly what i fantasize about. Dylan is the luckiest girl in the world. Since when I originally posted this i actually dressed up like a girl and drove around but I was too afraid to get out of the car and walk around. Somewhere in my perverted mind I was thinking some guy would see me and know I was looking for and he would tell me to park and he would do me in the back seat. Obviously it didnt happen and I was too afraid to do more. I have started playing with myself on a website called ch******** though. Its really hot. Guys comment as they watch and they ask me to do stuff. What I would really love though is if they were all actually there using me for their pleasure like you and your friends do with Dylan. It would be so hot to be your little sl** and be waiting to please you and your friends whenever the mood strikes you for a little fun. I would let you do anything ;-*

  • Well thats okkay some people do that its not called a gay by the way

  • Of course it’s gay, why would you deny that moron? And it’s 2020, nobody gives a **, live your life the way you want.

  • You’re gay big deal

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