I like it maybe too much.

I started getting excited about voyerism at a young age, When I was about 14 I accidentally exposed myself to my step dad, I was wearing a beach coverup and had taken my bottoms off, Was going to go shower and rinse off the sand in my butt crack and took my bottoms out to the balcony, Put them on the chair to dry and they fell, I bent over and picked them up, I just happened to look back and he was staring right up my vag.
I hung them up and had this unexpected feeling in my nether region, Went straight to the bathroom and bent over in front of the mirror, Yup, You could see it all, Vag, Bum hole, Everything. That was the first time I touched myself in the shower but definitley not the last, Not even the last on that trip. After that trip we went home and I started sleeping in nightshirts because they allowed me to expose myself without being obvious, I am 16 now and I don't even know how many times I have done it but it is constant.
I have a list of who I have flashed, 4 of my male cousins (I have 6), The other two will get to see but I haven't seen them in a coule years, My step dad probably close to 100 times for real, my step bro at least 100 times for real, My sisters boyfriends, Her friends, Her dad (We are half sisters, same mom, Different dads) and I go with her lots when she goes to see him, He is super fun to flash, She sleeps downstairs in her room and I sleep upstairs in the spare room, He is always up early and I have even woke up and he had already been up and closed my door but I have heard him rummaging around and then got it out on display and listened to him stand at my door and j*** it, Two of my uncles, One of my step dads friends, The list goes on and on.
I even let strangers in on the action, If we happen to be staying at a hotel I always take the bed closest to the window and we always stay poolside so I make sure the curtains are open and when I wake up it's the first thought on my mind, I get positioned so anyone passing by that happens to look in will see me and I just lay there, I get so worked up and am usually so wet by the time my step bro wakes up that I have to have a morning shower, I have no idea how many people have seen except one time we had a room with a mirror on the back of the door and I could see the window, I seen at least three guys and one girl which is weird stop and look, The one guy kept looking around and then pulled out his phone so I let him get three pics so using that as an average I am going to say 24.
My half sis is 6 years older and never comes with us but my parents usually stick me and my step bro who is 8 months older in a room, First time I showed him we were not pool side and there was no way to flash anyone else so I flashed him, I seen he was on his phone so I rolled over, Stuck out my backside and heard him gasp, I heard rustling and I peeked back in the mirror on the desk, All I could see was his face but he definitely jerked it while looking at me, He grabbed his phone and took some pictures and then went and showered, He never mentioned it but the next night I used his facial rec to open his phone and deleted all of the pics just to be mean.
Only one person has ever mentioned it, My sisters one boyfriend, I was watching TV downstairs one evening and they were all having a pool party, He came in to use the bathroom and walked past, I had my legs crossed and knew I was showing off basically hoping someone would walk past and three of her male friends got to see my p****, I was 15 and he was 21 ish, He stopped and sat down beside me, He said "So...", I said "So?", He said "Uh just so you know...When you sit like that I can see up your nightgown" and smiled, I looked down, Lifted it and gave him a full show, I said "Oh, Ooops". He was looking right at my p**** and I said "Um...So then you have seen it all?", He nodded and I said "Do I have a nice p****?", Lifting my shirt again, He reached over, rubbed it and said "You have the nicest p**** I have ever seen, I want to f*** you so bad" and went to slip a finger in, I let him slide it in but then pushed his hand away. He stood up and whipped out his d***, Just then I heard the door and he pulled his shorts up so his was the first d*** I have seen but it wasn't all that big compared to what I had expected but anyway he is gone.
I have progressed into flashing more and more, more often, I show my step dad and step bro and cousins and uncles as much and as often as I can, I leave my door and curtains open when I change and when I sleep, I wear the loosest fitting but the most east to expose in clothes possible, I don't remember the last time I wore panties or a bra when not at school, My b**** have started to grow and I have these huge, Puffy nips that I LOVE, They are awesome and show through almost everything I wear, I wear crop tops and short tanks that are way too loose so I can bend over in front of people and they can either see down or up whatever position I am in, I wear big, Baggy shorts so i can cross my legs and show my vag, I started shaving so I shave bald for the best exposure.
I wear big baggy muscle shirts so if it is just me and my step dad or step bro I can have one b*** out completely and I have had to sit pretending to read a book until they left a room because I was so wet I couldn't stand up, I wear thong bikinis even though my mom tried to talk me out of it and I always pull the lining out so they are see through, She hates it and comments constantly but I just say "Oh mom...Goodness, Get out of the stone ages". What I really want is to get caught full on masturbating but I have tried a few times and it didn't work so I will keep on trying, I love shopping and leaving the curtain open a bit so anyone passing by can see, I specifically choose stores with curtains instead of doors and one day I am going to pull some womans poor unsuspecting husband into a change room and tell him to j*** it for me but haven't yet.
Shoe shopping is always fun and I always try to find the oldest guy to help me, Sometimes 30, Sometimes 40 and one time an even older guy who I am pretty sure may have blown his load, Well anyway I should go, I need to plan how to expose myself this morning and watch how hard my step dads d*** gets...LOL.

Oct 28, 2020

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