Wife Susan

Some of my most powerful ejaculations have happened while I was masturbating and watching other guys f*** my wife.
Linda knows this and she loves s** and is comfortable with me watching .
We read adds from guys on Craig's list and other sites and pick and choose. Susan is an attractive woman in her late 30,snot beautiful but nice looking so we never have a problem finding a guy for her and she is on birth control so that s not a problem if a guy cant pull out when he c*** as a matter of fact she has told me that she likes it when a guy comes in her because she knows that she has done a good job . We dont do this every week or even month but sometimes it just feels right so we do it.

Oct 30

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  • There is nothing more arousing than to witness my wife having a massive o***** with another man and then begging him to pump his seed into her.

  • I was at a party with my wife and could see she and guy chatting . shes 52 nhe only around 28 or 30 . but she was loving him.and could see me getting jealous but also tured on later that night i was f****** her and was asking her about the guyand she said she thinking of him now as im f****** her turne me on like f*** . so i surprized her . igot him to meet up with us in hotel . and looking at him f****** her was magicial . then doing it myself .we keep in contact now . and have met 3times

  • I only allowed 2 guys c**.insid my wife n iv ony done it 3 times in front of her . but one most exciting was moments telling another man to c**.in ur wife

  • That is Great. I love it when a man enjoys watching his wife performing with other men. Maybe you should try licking her man off after he has c***, then eating her freshy f***** p**** and make out with her in front of her lover. Its a great experience for you and for her. I did not always have the pleasure of watching, if you have been watching them the odds are your guest will enjoy this as well.
    Something more: My wife with my help played through AFF for several years. She met men of all sizes, ages and races. Condoms were used a lot but much of the time they were not. She felt the same as your wife and always wanted her lover to climax in her, it did not matter where as long as it was in her.

  • "Linda" or "Susan"? Forget to use an alias? :)

  • Susan is my second wife and I still at times do this when I am writing.

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