Sexting gone wrong, feeling very weird

I'm divorced and finally started putting myself out there a bit, joined bumble and it's been interesting. I matched with a few guys, said hi and only a couple kept up with the convo, most just ghost. I've been chatting with one guy back and forth a lot, almost 2 weeks and we've gotten very flirty and sexual. I don't mind, it's kinda new and a bit odd but it feels good and whatever. Anyway, we got very into it last night and we were sharing some intimate pics while we were sexting, all below the belt and def below the neck line. This morning, after glow and being all sweet he asked for my actual number so we swapped and when I put him in the phone, he's already in my phone. It's my f****** brother in law, as in my sister's husband. I'm literally sick to my stomach that I've been sexting and basically having virtual s** with him and the stuff we did last night was way over the line, he asked for things inside me that I've never done before. I don't know if I should just tell her or tell him, but either way I'm worried I'll be the bad person. I don't want to hurt my sister but she needs to know how he is, I'm so lost and embarassed ugh.

Nov 9, 2020

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  • If you haven't already; I'd tell her what happened. His behavior isn't going to change, and he will get more daring; which will lead to him bringing some STD home to your sister. He's sick and dishonest; not who you want your sister to think that she is in love with.
    The highest road that you can take is letting her know what/who she is married to.

  • F*** him then u bot have to keep it a secret.

  • Deep down, I think you have the hots for your brother-in-law. Why rat him out? You are just as guilty for sexting what you thought was a complete stranger.

    If I were you, I would continue to flirt with him. Maybe your sister isn't giving him what he needs. Help the man out.

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