I hate my life.

My friend and I got caught, She just got her license and a Jeep and we were out cruising and stopped to...Smoke up, We haven't done it a lot but we have hooked up a few times and she wanted to break in the new Jeep so we were in a secluded spot and were going at it when we heard a tap on the window, Of course we freaked the F out and got half assed covered up.
She rolled her window down already crying and begging and apologizing, As soon as he spoke I had an "Oh s***" moment, My mom dated a cop for a little while last year and he had one of those voices, You just knew immediately as soon as you heard his voice, He asked what we were doing, Said it smelled like weed and then he said "Evan?..." I was like "FML", I nodded my head and he said "You ok?", I nodded and he stood there quietly for a few seconds while both of us stared at the floor, He said "Maybe you should get dressed", We both nodded and he kept the light on us.
As we started dressing he said "So we have a couple options here, I can give you a ticket for indescent exposure which you don't want, I can ticket you for operating a motor vehicle under the influence which you don't want or", My friend blurted out "I'll suck your d!ck". It felt like everything went silent, Like no traffic sounds, No radio, No crickets even and then he said "Excuse me" and she said "I will, I'll suck your d***, I swear I will" and no one said a word. Well he had a SUV cop truck thing and we all got in the back seat, She started while I watched, He pushed me to join so I did, He got her on her back, Me on my knees and he did me, Made us switch and he did her, Made her get on her back and I sat on her face while making out with my moms ex boyfriend then he made us switch and he did me and finished inside.
He let us go with a "warning", lovely. Two weeks later I came home and he is on the couch with my mom, I walk in and she says "Hi sweety...You remember *******?", I nod my head and say "Yeah, Hi", He says "Hi" and I bolt for my room, close my door and wished I was dead. 4 days later she left for work and left us alone in the house, He told me in no uncertain terms that if I wasn't on my knees he would tell her everything so for two weeks I have been f****** my moms boyfriend every chance he gets, She leaves for work before him so as soon as she leaves I just get undressed because I know it's happeneing.
I hate life and want to die.

Nov 23, 2020

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  • Haha your friends sucks lol sorry pal that should be illegal

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