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Yesterday my friend come to my place his mom is gone for travel for 10 to 15 so I insist to him to dinner at my place we had dinner when he is gone for his home my parents tell why you let any friends of yours to come to our house
it's not the first time he came to my house. he came to my house 6-7 times first time for help to for my house shifting and kind of thing like that . He is very good friend although all my friends too good I respect them and always my parents but hearing all those things last night I am not angry at them I am angry on there thinking . They said me you should never let your friends to came to our house, do your friendships outside . My heart was broken I can't help my friend when he needed me the true reason why is mother gone is for she is suffering from cancer so my friend took her to his brother in another town . I love my parents they are great but I love friends also I decided to left home . I need some help I can't talk to my friend about this please help to try to figure out this situation

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  • Don't listen to you family, follow your heart.

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