A woman who doesn't have periods or give birth not transgender!

Narrow minded bigots used to refer to me as a MTF transgender. This is false as gender is a false binary and determined by self identification not biology. A man can have a v***** and a woman can have a p****. People who give birth or have periods can be a man or woman.

I am a woman with a p**** and proud! I am attractive and desirable. Bigots talk to the hand!

Nov 10, 2020

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  • LMAO! Go ahead, spew your insecurities all over the place. The FACTS are: you have Y chromosomes, you do NOT have a uterus, you do, nor will ever, produce milk for the child you can never have, that pus that secretes from the tunnel your doctor's drilled in you (though, it's doubtful you've had "bottom" surgery), is NOT natural vaginal lubrication. You ARE a man that wears women's clothes. If you have had "bottom" surgery, it is NOT a v*****; it is an open wound that you must constantly keep your body from closing (because that's what the body does with Any open wound). Oh, don't think the rest of the world is unaware of the hairs growing deep in your wound or the "hairball" they develop into with repeated penetration. Yes, we all know that "dirty little secret" that's not a secret at all-that the skin from your testicles that is used for the deep part of your festering wound, still grow hair. You will never be a woman. The world will NEVER see you as one. You, and your ilk, are degenerative subhumans, defects that no surgery or amount of hormones will cure. Yes, even those of us who are friendly towards you, those of us who have to pretend to be allies, laugh at you. Your family is disgusted and ashamed of you. You have made a fool of yourself. But, sure. Keep making posts about how the rest of the world (us normal people), are bigots and whatever else you wish to call us. Keep pretending you're happier, full of confidence and psychology sound. Because that's what sane ppl do, amirite? Your life is a waste.

  • The promotion of false binaries. Gender is not defined by biology nor is it limited to two genders. There are dozens of genders.

  • Slept through classes, obviously. Yeah, we get taught some bullshit in school, and don't get taught what's really useful. But science is pretty straightforward about this, and screeching like a three year old isn't gonna change that.

  • Yes sir they are sick people and they disgust me too

  • Your heteronormative bias disgusts me to.

  • ^whined in a snotty, insecure tone of voice^

  • Cisgendered men don't have to follow gender norms. They can wear high heels, pantyhose, dresses and skirts. Make up is nice too. Gender is a social construct.

  • No PERSON has to necessarily follow any norm. It's just you simpleminded children, in your loudest and stupidest life phase, trying to transplain your beliefs in a way that doesn't clarify anything and serves only to give you something to scream about later (when other people don't use the terminology YOU have decided is "real" today)

  • It does mean a man is a bigot, just because the man does not want to date or have s**, with a chick with a d***.

    By your thinking you should be forced only have s** with women. Because if you want s** with a only men you are straightfobic.

  • There is no such thing as man or a woman in the biological sense only people who menstruate and those who don't.

  • Twist words all you want, you are mentally ill. No amount of perpetual outrage changes that.

  • Vaginal and a*** intercourse are both completely natural. Both are equally wonderful.

  • Vaginal and a*** intercourse is an Individual sexual preference. It's not to everyone's preference. Each to their own :)

  • A man cant have a v*****, dont mix science with ur feelings its not accurate to attack someone period over the fact that u feel xy and z! dont use the term man then because thats science mfka

  • Heteronormative nonsense conditioned into by straight people at school.

  • Boo hoo, little sicko. Sorry reality doesn't validate your pathetic bid for attention!

  • Men can have vaginas, have periods and give birth.

  • WRONG. You are no better than a MAGAt who can't go a full day without whining "Fake news!" You are just as mentally diseased as they are, trying to force your simplified "reality" on everyone else.

    Get help. Get shot. Get over yourself.

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