Asian gooks

Can we own gooks slaves? I need a dishwasher and servant to clean up my act (house and out doors dog s***). I won't eat Chinese food anymore since that was how the virus was spread. They never sanitized their plastic plates or egg rolls. So much for fortune cookies. That didn't help my prediction. Anyway, goodbye grasshopper.

Nov 10, 2020

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  • Chinks are a*******, I try to be kind to others but they aren’t worth the effort. Nasty, rude, dirty, selfish, arrogant and stupid too, stealing intellectual property just a s***, yellow, pan faced, rice eating b****** race.

  • Don’t ever eat Chinese food cause they are very dirty, I saw some a****** take leftover food and re-sell it one time and I couldn’t believe it. They are filthy

  • Dishonest chinks, that's why i never order chinese

  • Let’s face it... when the races get together, bad stuff happens.
    I’m not racist but indeed, this Babylon we are building is going to be our downfall. No slaves but... oh wait, aren’t we all enslaved?

  • Nothing wrong with being racist. Racism is completely natural and it's a way to protect your culture and people. Only cowards and masochists who enjoy seeing their girlfriend or wife getting gang raped by foreigners are afraid of being racist.

  • Hahaha you're funny - Asian g*** slave hahaha

    BLM and soon to start ALM hahahah

    They probably already own you and you didn't even know it a******!!!

  • Shut up g***

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