I guess it should be Cuckolding

First off I want you to know that I am sort of dyslexic and although I talk and read normal when I write or type I sometimes get letters in the wrong places but I will go back and proof read tis before posting it.
Carla is not my wife real name and my name is not Larry but the guy we used for this post is Steve.
Carla and I grew up together and have been best friends all of our life we have been next door neighbors and we never went to regular schools it has been Charter schools mostly and Carla would help me with my homework and chores. Our family's are very religious and we also grew up this way and I guess ever since we were children we just accepted the fact that someday we would marry and we did right out of Highschool.
Carla's Mother started her on birth control when we were in high school because I guess she knew that we would someday get around to that and like normal kids we did in our senior year of school.
We both loved s** and we tried every possible way we heard experimenting and I found jog working in a local Lumber yard delivering lumber to contractors and Carla worked for Kaiser in the lab drawing blood.
We were both curious about s** and we discovered the internet and we would surf it looking for things we might be interested n to try and swinging came up but Carla didn't want to share me but I wanted to watch her have s** with a guy and she was willing but wanted to go slow.
Oral s** was something that we both liked and she agreed to suck a guy off to see if we liked that before going any farther .
She practiced on me trying to find the best way to give head and she became very good at it so we picked Steve a married guy that I worked with to try it out on.
He and his wife came over from time to time visiting so I asked him if he would help me move some things around in the back yard and he showed up early Saturday ready to work so we rank some coffee and talked then went out back and Carla already knew what was going to happen .
When we got out back I confessed why I had really invited him over and i explained that it would only be a b******* this this and maybe real s** another time if we liked it and he was very willing to help out.
When we went back in I told Carla that he was willing and she blushed but smiled at him and said no kissing but if you want t see my b****** and play with them it is OK with me and Steve was almost drooling now.
Carla ad agreed to swallow his c** she has mime many times so she removed her blouse and bra and she shook her long hair out letting it hang over her shoulders as I got a couch pillow and laid it on the floor in front of Steve as he was frantically unhooking his belt and pats shoving them down around his knees and his c*** was almost hard now as Carla blushed taking his semi hard c*** in her hand and she kneeled in front of him.
I found it hard to talk my throat felt like it was filled with phlegm and Carla looked over at me with a nervous smile as she opened her mouth and sucked his c*** head circling his crown with the tip of her tongue as Steve moaned resting the palms of his hands on the top of her head then his hips began to move slowly as Carla licked his shaft with her tongue and played with his b**** Licking them to then licking his shaft again I noticed that her nipples were standing proudly now and I knew that she was enjoying this .
I felt light headed as she sucked his c*** head back into her mouth and she slowly deep throated him after several ties and her lips were in his pubic hair as she turned her head from side to side several times quickly .It was almost like an out of body experience for me she looked beautiful as her mouth began to slide up and down his slimy c*** and i could hear her breathing through her nose and the brrrrt sound when she would loose suction from time.
Steve's belly muscles were jerking as the sensations of her mouth and tongue crossing his c*** now and his hips jerked as his hands took the back of his head and he pulled her tight against him her lips in his pubic hair and began to roughly face f*** her and Carla began to struggle trying to get away so I said easy Steve and he grunted something but he released her and she settled back on her heels again and her saliva was hanging from her chin now in long strands dancing around until they broke loose and fell to the floor .
My c*** was really hard now to as Carla with just his c*** head in her mouth began to stroke his slimy c*** Steve groaned now as he cupped her b****** in his hand pinching her nipples and I asked are you going to c** and he through his teeth that were tightly clenched UGH HUH as Carla circled his c*** head with her tongue and I could see her cheeks move as her tongue traveled around his c*** crown and my c*** felt like it was going to explode then Steve gasped I'm gonna c** and I saw his c*** shaft j*** then pulse swelling and relaxing as his c** passed though and Carla began to swallow I could see her throat work as she swallowed and his c*** was still pulsing then I was coming in my pants and it felt fantastic Carla sucked him dry licking his shaft then she released him and milked a little more of his sperm out and she licked it off leaving it on her tongue and turned to me and showed me what she had done with that glob of his c** on her tongue then she swallowed it and she laughed delightedly pleased with herself and smiled asking did you like ??
Well later that day she sucked him off again then after he left we f***** like bunnies'.
We are still talking about maybe him f****** her and I think it will probably happen it just feels right and I am completely cool with it.
Well I checked and corrected several words so I hope it turned out OK.

Nov 13, 2020

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  • My first wife and I had a bud that came over, sometimes we barbequed, or just sat around and drank, hanging out. One day after he left, I asked my wife what she thought of trying a threesome with him. She threw a fit at the idea, so I dropped the subject. Then, next time he was over she wore a skimpy halter top and tight shorts, which sure got his interest. So, we were having s** later and I went for it, asked her again. She orgasmed almost instantly. A few days later she asked me if I was serious, I told her sure. Then she asked me if they could do it privately the first time, since she was a little bit embarrassed and didn't know how to even ask him. That didn't make any sense, so I asked her how being alone with him made it easier. She told me she knew what to do and laughed. It took quite some time but she finally got the deed done, that is how wife #1 and I became swingers. One thing I didn't know, it turned out he had a c*** only six inches long but it was as fat as a beer can, I was sure it would not even go in because the wife was only 4'8" and 93 pounds. But it did, surprisingly rather easy.

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