Silly Virgin.

Haha. Well, I'm a sixteen-year-old girl, and I can't think about having normal s** anymore.
Gentleness and romance is just so off-putting.
I love the idea of being a slave or a submissive in a BDSM relationship. Minimal to no leather-wearing.

I love paraphilias.
Oh, I'm also kind of a sociopath.

Tell me your thoughts. All of them.

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  • Real sociopath's don't go on the internet and brag about being a sociopath.
    F****** loser.

  • Adorable! Mommy didn't give you enough attention so you got really mad and decided to post this. Oh yeah your "bad" . Lol your a clown .

  • Good to hear from someone with the same mental benefits as me.

    "Normal" people think there's something wrong with us, but they're the ones who are inferior.
    Their inhibitions are a weight they can never overcome, giving us the advantage.

    A little advice: learn to fake normality as soon and as well as you can. Try to curb your instincts for violence. Do what you have to, but don't get caught. These idiots think there's a choice going on here but there isn't. The need to cause harm is an addiction to be controlled, but not denied.

    Get into shape. Take a self-defence course. Krav if you can find it. Humans can be surprisingly resilient, much more than animals.

    The police will investigate assaults, even quite serious ones, fairly briefly. So long as you don't use a weapon, harm them too much (coma, dead) or get caught at the scene, you'll be fine. Hopefully you don't have any truly memorable features (tattoos, long blonde hair etc) that will allow an identification. Dress like everyone else. Buy duplicate clothes, wear each set several tmies and destroy the set you wear during the attack. If the police confiscate them for testing, they'll get the clean set.

    There is SO MUCH to say, to pass on.

    Make your own luck.

  • I believe you may be a pychopath, not a sociopath. And even if you were, this is horrible advise. Morals may seem weak, but they are the things keeping your enemies and associates from killing you. Advise, just 8 years late

  • ^__________^
    Keep it coming.

  • ^She's not sick in the head, she's a dumbass sixteen year old attention grabber. She wants you to call her sick.

  • Just go and turn yourself in right now. Sick in the head and you know it. You are not normal.

  • Relating to criminals and being f***** in the head have nothing to do with bdsm. Your age shows big time. I think someone is just crying out for attention

  • ^ I don't know everything.
    I don't know a lot.
    I don't even know a little bit, and I doubt you know much more than I do.

  • You're sixteen, you don't know s***.

  • You're my kind of girl.

  • wow you're crazy go get some therapy. now....

  • glad your proud of what society would label as sick

  • You guys are cute.
    I was in a happy mood yesterday, and I'm ready to give the rest of my confession.
    @Commenter #1: Haha.
    @Commenter #2: I've never cared for any or all things girly. Innocence? I tortured animals before I learned what was right and wrong.
    @Commenter #3: You'd be surprised.

    I've tortured and killed a good few of my pets. Not only my pets, though. I've tortured wild animals as well.
    I used to self-mutilate when I was bored.
    I have an extremely hard time empathizing or relating to people. I've found that the only people I *can* relate to are criminals. Especially serial killers.
    Most of my friends think I'm charming and sincere, but, in reality, I'm simply looking to manipulate them.
    I have no conscience.

  • You couldn't handle a bdsm relationship.

  • The internet exposes the young to too much. If you didn't learn about bondage and that stuff, you would still be reading Teen Beat and Tiger. Or maybe some steamy fiction.

    That is so sad to know you have no innocence left.

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