I am a shy, straight, young, virgin girl in the 8th grade. I met a new friend at school. I don't know what it is but she gets me thinking about what it would be like to touch and be touched by her. I have rubbed myself thinking how she would do it. I still like boys. Am I normal? and why is this tugging at me? And it is only her, no other girls.

Nov 14, 2020

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  • Ever watch the end of "Inside Out"? There's this big red button marked "puberty". Welcome to the land of confusion! Explore and try to enjoy it.

  • Taste yourself first love your taste explore yourself good so when you get her over your home you know exactly what you want to do to her ans how to do it she just know she taste delicious make your goal to get her in your room on a sleep over and start playing around with her pushing on touching glance touch her breast a few times try lightly run your hand up or down her legs continue to constantly touch to get her doing the same and boom before she knows it you have her pants and panties down to her ankles touching her virgin v***** then licking her she will love this make sure to pop up after eating her out good with her taste on your lips still and make out with her make her taste herself tell her how delicious she is tasteing to you making her want to eat you badly baby and then tell her what she is going to do pull your panties down and bring her to yourself tell her to be gentle as she gets with the party flip her and 69 both of you eating the f*** out of each other leaving nothing to try.

  • Through her clothes as you move into kiss her then push her back lay her down rubbing her puss pull down her panty pants and have a taste if you never licked a puss before id recommend you to take and play with yourself rubbing you're c*** nicely to get yourself flowing then try fingering yourself but make to taste yourself constantly every few seconds this will give you an idea of what to expect she tastes like so that when you eat your friend you don't pull away from her with a weird face and possibly turn her off from you eating her you out because she will think now you think she tastes funny or nasty because you pulled away from her making a face. Take it slow using you're tongue lick around her puss on both sides then go in make sure to suck her little c*** hard like you are trying to suck a skittle through a straw pull back when you have that c*** sucked to the max pull back quickly pulling her c*** back with you hard a quickly making a popping sound then go right back do it again then lick,lick,lick her till she is breathing hard hopefully she will bust a nut for you to enjoy let me know how this works out for you baby girl good luck also try to stick something into her puss like the bottom end of a toothbrush or even if she has some experience and her hole had clearly been opened try using a hairbrush and f*** the s*** out of her!

  • You should go for it and flirt with her become her friend first and start flirting with simple touches and ask her questions make her think and tell you what she likes or thinks you know do like a truth or dare one day and slip in the question if she ever played or thought of playing with another girl trust me is will work out for you good you should try and get her to sleep over then when all are all comfortable in the tiny short girls like to wear shorts give her some eye contact making sure she sees you checking her out frequently brushing up against her body then play truth or dare and ask her some hot questions to her like is she has had any s** experience or likes to play with herself things like that to get her p**** hot and her thinking about asking you s** questions about yourself thats when you know you can definitely get close enough to her to start touching rubbing her p****

  • I think your little p**** streaming after an older man coming to f*** the s*** out of you and if you don't like it you can always scream while you're a pedophile you say f*** come on girl f****** pair of legs and butt what the shut the f****** or go to bed

  • I think we shoud talk text my wickr and remind me I told you to. My sister is 10 and I wanna f*** her

  • I'd love to do her

  • Let me give you a little motherly advice

    What you are experiencing is perfectly normal. I suggest you experiment sexually with other girls before moving on to boys.

    Boys are amazing don’t get me wrong. Nothing better than a huge c*** stretching you out. But gain experience with the gentle hands of another young lady.

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