I think we are platonic!!

I (f12) was playing the question game with my best friend (m12) and I asked him what he was thinking. His response? "I'm thinking about what would happen if I kissed you". I was so close to kissing him then and there, even though I have no feelings for him outside of our friendship. I wanted to see what he would do, but the moment was over before I decided what to do.

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  • If anything happens tell your parents and let them call the police on him. He probably has STDs (nasty diseases from having too much s**) and is trying to have s** with you because girls his age don't want to die an early age due to diseases that turn their private parts into smelly b***** pimple covered ovens. If you let him do anything naughty to you, you'll end up having lots of problems when you get older. Trust me. I was in the same situation when I was your age and I have had years of therapy but I still have major issues. Not worth the temporary feeling of false love

  • You DO realize that he's f****** twelve right ?

  • Winnie Cooper & Kevin Arnold first kiss in Bakers Wood. Sweet.

  • 12?
    cripes I though you were thinking of marrying him and buying a house in the burbs and a mini van.
    If you really are 12 then just kiss the boy and enjoy life

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