my hot wife

my wife has a really hot ** and she is a ** hot **, she looks better now than when she look in in high school. i know cause we went to school together but didn't talk that much. anyway i cant stop thinking about her having ** with other men and me watching and ** and joining in. she doesn't think shes that hot and has low self esteem. it really turns me on to think about her getting ** by one or even two guys at once, i don't know why i use to be jealous but now i want to see her ** my ** and three other guys at once. why does this turn me on so much. i've been thinking about this for about two or three years. and i want this to happen or do i ! tried to stop thinking about it but cant. what should do ?

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  • I have a confession to make.........I secretly want to do my wife!!!! WHAT KIND OF BULL ** CONFESSION IS THIS????

  • because you're treating her like she's some ** star, and not your wife.
    have some ** respect.
    ** idiot.

  • ** her- quit bragging

  • ** her with a ** and your **

  • I know how you feel. My wife is hotter at 37 than she was at 20 when we first meet. I too, have had all the fantasies about threesomes, foursomes, group, etc. But I have come to realize that it's just a phase, granted I've gone through the phase at least 5 times in the last 15 years. I have mentioned it to her and of course she rejects the idea completely. Truthfully, I am glad she does. I do not what to think I am a jealous man but how do I know I won't become jealous. Even worse will she? The negative consequences are just unthinkable. We are very happy together. I would love to have sexual adventures with my wife, But in the end it may not be worth it and why risk my marriage. Besides she's hot, gives great head and gives it up when ever I want.

    My dimes worth of advice is do not do it. I know it's just a phase. Enjoy what you have now.

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