Nervous about my relationship

I've had insecurities about my looks for most of my life. But my boyfriend is just the sexiest thing alive. He can do so much better than me so I'm scared that he will leave me. All of my eggs are in one basket with him. I would be scared if he broke up with me.

When you look at a picture of our friend group at the beach, I'm the short chunky girl and my boyfriend is the tall muscular one. You would guess that he's dating someone else. But he truly loves me, it seems too good to be true. My friends joke about how they would date him, but he's in love with me.

He'll act vournable around me (talk in baby voice, tell secrets,ect) in the way my friends bf's don't. The s*x we have is so passionate and loving. I've showed my friends his nudes and their mouths were watering. When I'm alone I ** to the nudes I have of him almost exclusivly

He's so smart and gives the best advice. He'll hold me in his arms for hours. When he saw me naked for the first time he said "thats beauty".

Once he was really drunk he told me that he wants to marry me, buy me a house, and have babies with me.

I can't loose him. There is no boy better for me than him.

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  • Awww that's a sweet story, I hope you're still together and happy. I'm insecure about my appearance too so I understand, especially since my bf is too good for me. It might just be your insecurities though, it sounds like he really loves you.

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