I confess that I've sent nudes before and now I have an amazing boyfriend of 2 years that will soon be my husband. I don't know if I should tell him. :/

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  • Don't tell him unless think he'll find out anyway.. My fit, hot, very sxy (but nuts) friend gets drunk and sends nudes or body parts of herself to people, myself included, fairly often. I don't know how many people she sends to, but, can say I probably had 30-40 of her on my phone at one time.

    Her bf/ on again off again fiance, is a good friend (and how I met her), and doesn't know of her drunken nude photo texts to however many people. Some pics, btw, have been p***-hot..She has long, slender legs, and straddles them over damn near everything.

    We were at a friend's townhouse one night, during their "good" period, and she pulled me aside, practically begging me that he could never see or know about these skin pics, keep it between us. I agreed, but also not so jokingly told her. Next time you do it, I want to be there. Knowing she was a bit crazy, but, ate up attention (needy, I'd say), I knew she'd agree, and she did.

    Still have maybe 10 of my favorite shots of her. Meanwhile, she and my friend are again..broken up.

  • No, don't tell him unless he asks you directly. Then, don't deny it but explain that it was just a phase you were going through. If he's mature, he'll get over it.

  • Don't tell him. That was in your past. Move forward and have a happy life with him.

  • Have you told him about every guy you've f*****, sucked, let put a finger or c*** in your ass? If not, why tell him about some nude pics.

  • Not just no, but H*** NO!!!!

  • F*** me! Best not to tell him but he may well find out and then he will know what a s*** you are. Still there ya go.

  • Do not, not, NOT tell him. He doesn't need to know. If he asks you directly, use your own judgment about how much of your past he deserves to know about, but that will be something he will have had to EARN between the beginning of your relationship and whenever he asks. Do NOT volunteer this information, not EVER, whether to him or any other man.

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