I might be gay

Im in my teens and was at a gym . The place was empty because of Covid im sure . There was just me and a guy ill say in his 30's . I went into the locker room then hit the showers . He was right in there and showered right next to me . Odd since there are like 6 more . He starts talking about Thanksgiving coming up and other useless chatter , and says you have a nice body , I love your hairless chest . I just said thanks . With that he reached over and rubbed my chest and went across my chest down to my unit . I was frozen , he was older ,in control of the situation ,and he knew it . I was hard almost instantly and he knelt down and sucked me off . I came a lot , he got up , said yummm and walked away . I saw him there again and caught myself wondering if it was going to happen again,but other folks were in the gym . One side of me never really thought of it happening again,the other side was wishing nobody else was in the gym .. Im a little confused of my thoughts now

Nov 22, 2020

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  • You could be bisexual

  • I've always been kinda sissy like, wearing girls panties (my sister's) at home and boy's underpants everywhere else. I'm 14 now and when I was 12 a guy who turned out to be thirty started fooling around with me at the public pool. I kept staring at him, his p**** was so beautiful like. I'm with like as much as possible now and feel like I love him.

  • I don't knew if a gay top or not. For the last 6 months I have fallen in love and been carrying on sexually with my cousin Kelly who is 18 and was a virgin. He confessed to me he has loved me since he was 10.

    I tried to resist, but Kelly kept kissing me, and then stripped. I was stunned how beautiful Kelly is. Under his sweater and jean he wore white lace panties and a bra. He asked if he was pretty. Kelly has longish blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and berely 5 feet tall. His voice is very soft like a young woman and his skin is so soft. He also never has shaved. Said year your beautiful. I pull him to me and kissed and carried Kelly to my bed. He sucked me it was incredible and i was hard. I slipped the panties off and was his c*** is very small only 1 inch. Kelly cried and laughed a little, I have a big c***, I wish I had a p**** for you. I smiled and said you are a beautiful girl iand very very feminine.

    I just gave in and to Kelly. 6 months later Kelly is my perfect girl. Always wanting s**, and to give oral.

    We love each other and ate get married. I only think of Kelly as she now and she lives as a female full time. After the new year she is going to get implants.

    I'm 40 years old and never want any woman but Kelly now.

  • There is nothing so beautiful as a virgin male sissy dressed as a lovely young girl, willing to be made love to by an older well endowed man. My gramps took me at 16.
    I had been dressing as female since 13, our family approved particularly gramps. He was always touch-feely and attentive and because of that I felt very close to him when gran passed away. We became even closer as I became an older rather precocious teenager always wanting my own way and things.
    Then one summer I was at gramps staying over on vacation and we were watching a film when he put his arm around me and pulled me close and kissed me on the lips and I liked it and wanted more. I kissed him back and then out frustrations released themselves and we were all over each other.
    That night I ended up in his bed and his secret lover.

  • Sadly your story doesn't make sense because at first you talk about an empty gym, then you talk about several men in the showers including the guy you are fantasizing over.

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