Hormones getting the better of me

I go to the local Baptist church gym because they have a free weight room that anyone can use. Now there's a hot girl there teaching aerobics but she's totally living the lie of the church. Just once I wish I could see a sign that she might wanna get a little naughty. She's fun to talk with but I can't tell if she really is Little Miss Innocent or if she's a really good actress.

I think it might be worth risking getting kicked out of the gym, just to find out for sure...

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  • You need to bend that b**** over a workout bench and ram about 8 inches up her ass.
    THAT will tell you if she's living a lie.
    I'll be she's f****** at least 2 guys in that church right now.
    If I were going to your church, I'd even let you watch.

  • LMAO You don't have a shot. "Living the lie of the church?" What are you, a reporter from Teen Atheist Weekly?
    Whether or not she does or doesn't believe, any way you try to hit on her is gonna show her you lie, and even if she is an atheist, she probably won't appreciate you going up to her with false motives.
    Won't be worth getting kicked out of a low cost gym either, if you work out regularly.

  • Wait... churches have gyms?

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