Gym surprise

I am a 30 year old married female. After work I try to go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week to keep in shape. Every time I am at the gym there is this certain girl there. She is super attractive, tall and very fit. Like one of those beach volleyball players. All the guys, and some girls, at the gym can't take their eyes off her.
A couple of evenings ago I finished my workout and went to the locker room to clean up and change. Thats when she walked in. I had already showered and was standing there in a small pair of thong **. As I dressed, she began **. We made some small talk and she seemed nice. Thats when I got my surprise. I always thought it was odd that she always wore sweat pants at the gym, especially considering how attractive and fit she was. Most girls wear something a little more athletic and form fitting. Any way, when she took off her sweats I got my answer. She had a **! A very large **!! She was trans and I never had a clue. She was much larger than my husband and I couldn't help but stare. She noticed me looking, just smiled and said "don't worry I am only into guys". She picked up her towel and walked right past me into the shower. Watching her ** walk away I could only think OMG you would never know.

Oct 4

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  • Wow! You should bring her home and have a 3 way with your husband

  • She's probably fun as F to hang with too!
    I hooked up with my first T-Girl while stationed in Korea and I've been hooked ever since. I use an app here in the states to meet and hookup with hot and fun T-girls.
    T-girls take time to wear makeup and wear dresses with pantyhose and heels when you take them out. They let you get the door and are crazy in the bedroom.
    White B*&ches! F-off!
    You're getting replaced by T-girls.

  • Oh, the racist dbag is back…..

  • I don't agree with the T-girl thing but I will agree with one thing he says. White girls are **!
    In my area, the hot one's are lesbians or with a black guy. The other's are fat. Just saying.

  • Lovely post. Those kind of stories will become the norm in a liberal society. I, m, see guys in the gym locker area wearing **.

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