The people on this site that tell mental lies about me

I'm not going to ever leave this site no matter what mental lies yell say about me encyclopedia definition of slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information not stupid not retarded not dumb not simple lying b****** believe that.

Nov 24

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  • Blaine.... is that you ?

    I want your s*** mom right now ...Cody

  • So you have an issue who think untrue things about you, but don't say them? How do you know who that is and what they're thinking?

    Have you considered focusing on people who actually post lies about you?

  • He can't, he's too bitter and retarded to single them out

  • Wtf is a “mental lie”?

  • Are "mental lies" supposed to be lies that are communicated telepathically? I don't get it.

  • Rippberly rippling ribbes

  • Funny . . . . . i thought the exact same thing.

  • Say what ?

  • I don't know the lies. But I am sorry for whatever has been written.

  • The people here can be incredibly crude. Apologies.

  • They are only "crude" because you refuse to learn how to use English properly and are a rude little pr!ck about it. Don't like being abused? Quit doing the things that earn you abuse. It's not hard, Tardmo

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