I am not from USAmerica so I do Not kNow how a retarded person got selected to be the prime minister.

Mar 22, 2020

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  • Well the US doesn’t have a prime minister, so that’s your problem right there.

    Now if you’re familiar with the U.K. way of doing things then I’d have to ask how it feels to have that wonderful shambling mound of a leader? Oh that’s right he’s probably going to die from the coronavirus.

  • Cos. UK. In principle gets it. The other option was the labour guy with full Islamist and anti Semitic agendas and full of crap ideas. Corbyn.

    He is not a r*****. He went to good schoo and in some videos he even could recite the Ulysses from the heart. You think he is a buffoon. Lol. He I s career politicians. They exactly know what is going. Contrary to public opinion. He just habe the persona of Bit hap hazard. He shrewd to the last core. And proud nationalist. Which politicians should be.

    I’m not from UK but know enough of Westminster Politics.

  • The beauty of America is that we seem to survive every erratic and inconsistent president we have had throughout history. Hopefully this current president, who will probably be elected for another term, inspires people to think harder about what to do in 2024.

  • Quit insulting handicapped people by comparing them to the president.

  • He’s not retarded. He just an amoral psychopath. He only knows what will instrumentally facilitate his desires. It’s plain to see and the retarded American public like that more than a person who is like him but hides it.

  • Ha ha, I assume you mean president not prime minister. I also assume you are talking about Jimmy Carter who was certainly the most retarded president in my lifetime.

  • Carter went to Georgia Tech and the Naval Academy. He has a degree in nuclear science and he was a skilled farmer, businessman and politician, who won elections at the local, state and national levels. If you consider that retarded, it only proves you're brain dead.

  • Also, he's done more for Americans since he left office than all the other ex-presidents who followed him combined.

    Not surprised that you think of all the dummkopfs we've had running this country, you tell yourself that this particular one is "retarded". Considering the run on proud anti-intellectualism the US is enjoying right now, that makes you just about average. And in case it isn't obvious, that's not something to be proud of-- the US is Idiocracy on the hoof these days.

  • Obviously they mean Trump. He’s f****** stupid lol

  • So was your mom for giving you birth! Lol

  • Don't try to reason with the MAGAt. They have proven every chance they get that they pride themselves on being as dumb as their whiny orange lord and master, who is obviously a teenage girl wearing a spray tanned old-man meat suit

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