My **

I clean houses on weekends and during breaks to make some extra cash. It's been a bit slow with quarantine the last few months, but steady. The only weird thing is that homeowners are home now, so I'm cleaning while they're working from home or going about their business. Anyway, I was cleaning a house yesterday and made the mistake of wearing a thong that's too small. Long story short, it was rubbing and irritating things that shouldn't be irritated and in a moment of pure frustration I dropped my shorts and took off my thong and set it on the tile floor where I was mopping. Shorts back on quick, nobody saw and irritation over. Fast forward to me finishing close to 3 hours later and packing up and I almost forgot about my **. I ran up stairs to get them out of the bathroom and they were gone. I panicked and thought I might've put them in the dirty clothes, so I looked, not there. I checked the laundry room, not there. I even checked the dresser in the bedroom to see if maybe the wife or husband thought they were theirs and put them up, not there. So I finished gathering my stuff and left. When I got to my car, the husband ran out and said I forgot something and handed them to me. He turned around and went back inside just as fast. I have never been so embarrassed , confused and aroused that someone touched my **. It's a very confusing mixture. I'm worried he'll say something to his wife now and I'll lose doing their house. Ugh.

Nov 24, 2020

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  • Start selling your used **. There’s a good market out there for them.

  • If you like the idea of someone using your ** and your a bit hard up there are sites on the net where you can sell them , theres quite a thriving market out there

  • You think the wife would believe he found your thong on the floor?

  • Not at all, that's why I haven't been back. I think she'd assume something funny went on.

  • I would suggest that you couldnt find them because they were under his nose somewhere , he would have been having a sniff , to be honest in his shoes id have done the same thing

  • Wow, have you gone back and cleaned again? Updates?

  • Wow, I must say, you definitely got hubby's motor running for sure..:)
    next time you are there to clean their house...if you feel awkward and you are alone with him, tell him...tell him you are so embarrassed from what happened last time and probe to see if he told the wife...

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