Drifting Away From My Caregiver [DDLG Warning]

I know this guy online. We have been messaging each other for two years in total. I was 17 at the time we first met, and he was ~40. It would have been three years straight, but we drifted away because I decided I didn't care for the age-gap. We weren't talking for close to a year.

We reconnected a week before my 18th birthday, which was last April to be precise. We were talking almost every night, feeling our feels, and for the first time, we were sending nudes and we began to sext. Now, after so many months of talking, he is showing less interest in me. I feel like we're drifting again. He is a good friend of mine. He helped me get out of my abusive household (paying for my first three months of rent) and helped me build the confidence and social skills to get a solid job.

Nowadays, each time I speak to him, he wants to talk less and less. For example: tonight I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and he insisted upon us talking. 3 hours in, he vanished and hasn't sent me a message back. We typically talk anywhere from 5-6 hours, to give you an idea of how worrying this is to me. I know it sounds stupid to other people, but I know something is wrong.

To clear something up though, we aren't together in an intimate sense. It's more of a casual sexual tension between us. He is my caregiver, so he takes care of me mentally, and helps me through my episodes/panic attacks. He's protective and sweet. I don't want to lose him if I'm being paranoid. So I need an outsider's perspective on this, with SERIOUS answers only.

1. Should I stop talking to him? 2. Should I confront him? 3. Is he getting bored with me? 4. Should I seek another caregiver?

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Nov 26, 2020

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