My daughter is actually not my husbands

I just need to say it! He was so happy when I told him I was pregnant that he completely forgot we had been trying for months without any luck.... I dont know what he thought, but the truth is we got a little help from a friend at work.... maybe he didnt want to ask I dont know... is it just possible in his pride he just didnt want to know??


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  • If your husband is happily unaware, then leave it that way. You are not alone, there are many husbands out there that did not father their children. Maybe you could let him give you the next one.

  • This is very common and if you dont see it you are just kidding yourself

  • It's a sad world in which we live. And a rather sick one. Certainly, an over-rationalized one. Rationalization is the greatest threat we face. Covid? That's nothing. Nothing!!!!!

  • You're a wicked women. The devil will take your soul

  • Thats a joke. However from a normal man's point of view thats as bad as it gets, having a child to someone else then framing your current partner.

  • That is WAY more common than people know. I used work in the lab at a hospital and it was shocking how often the father on the birth certificate, by blood type alone, could not be the father

  • I won't list all the ways your little house of cards could tumble, in a world where DNA data is nearly as available as financial information.
    OI 'll just say that it won't require a windstorm. Even having the AC kick on could blow it over. Good luck sustaining your many lies to many people.

  • No, I just think he will think its his baby. You awful disgusting woman.

  • I want to give you a son

  • I'd love to be in that line to father one or more of your children. You seem like a great mother. And a fabulous f***

  • I would go along with that, and also stand in the line! Wow!

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