Trans girl

Hello my name is Ashley I’m trans and I just came out but I pass a lot and I’m actually 16 and I’m looking for someone who will help me get ahold of hormones I’m in need before my voice gets any more deep lately my voice started to crack a lot
I have Instagram Facebook Snapchat kik
Also twitter please leave your usernames below and tell me what platform to look you up on :)

Nov 27

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  • Yaaaa, I wouldn't start adding people on here to your social media. You're 16. How do you know some of these comments are pedophiles or some s***?

    As for the hormones? Is it that terrible to wait a few years till you can get it yourself? Think this through for a while. Don't jump in. test the waters a bit.

    I have a trans friend she is now a he, but he's in his 20's and still thinks about things like this for a long time before he jumps in.

  • I'm 20 and my TS girlfriend Ivy started hormones at 15. She 18 now. They have made her all woman. She skin is super soft, she never developed facial hair. And she is curvey with nice B cup b****.

    Ivy's c*** was never big, only 3 inches when we met 4 years ago. Now it srank to 1 inch. I love her boy-c*** it still can c** when i make love to her boy-p****. It feels incredible being in her.

    We agreed Ivy don't need to fully transition. To me she is all woman. We got married last month. So in love.

  • Dude, don't do this. Please check in with mental health providers before you do more irreversible self harm. Statistics on long term physical and mental health results are not on the side of going against genetics

  • It’s not going against genetics stupid when your trans you get help by makeing your outside feel the same on the inside why do you have a problem with trans girls we are the baddest b****** out there

  • That's going against your genetics. If it wasn't you wouldn't have to do anything to change.

  • IOW, 'nuh-uhhh me know everyfing n me gunna be a girl tee hee now stfu n worship my stupid life choice even though I'm not even old enough to vote'

    Teenage, stupid, AND trans. I so don't envy you. But please clap back in hissing outrage and say something c****, because you're too weak to walk away ;)

  • To the transphobic b****** who think I should be a man can stfu cuz HMU on insta ashley0ak27 I ain’t no man but I can fight like one b****

  • Need a daddy? Where do u live?

  • You fight like a man because you are one lmao calm down sir! I'll treat you like a man and beat you up after you have been putting girl hormones in you

  • I'll help.

  • You have a mental illness you're a man and your voice needs to be deep you weirdo

  • I couldn't have put it better.
    Another f****** deviant.
    You've either a bloke or a bird if you're not sure.check between your legs:
    if you find a c*** you're a bloke.
    If you've got a c*** you're a bird.
    How easy is.that ?

  • B**** f*** you you stupid c*** i bet you support trump also it’s called gender dysphoria stupid b**** also s** and gender are way different also there is more than 2 chromosomes time to go back to school

  • Who do you support, Biden? He's a pedophile and a racist. Looks like you are too then. Gender Dysphoria IS a mental illness you stupid b****. S** and gender aren't "way different". For basically all of the history of the word "gender" it's been a synonym for s**. Just because some woke idiots started using it to mean something else doesn't mean anything.

    There are more than 2 chromosomes? LOL, how stupid are you. Humans have 23 chromosomes. You're confusing the number of chromosomes to the number of X and Y chromosomes a person has.

    I'd say it's time for you to go back to school but seems you're too dumb to learn anything there.

  • L**** and your point is ? Like you guys can’t stop us from being trans what’s the point like do we bother you that much like you must be obsessed with is

  • OK, I have some answers for you. I am sure medically prescribed hormones are best, at your age you will need a parent to take you to a doctor to get it. There is alternatives: Amazon has a full line of transgender meds for sale without a prescription. Either way, you probably should wait until you are an adult to start this transformation, but I do understand your desire to start now.

  • Insta: phantasmoreo

  • If you’re 16 your voice shouldn’t still be changing that much. There may be something wrong with your vocal cords. You should see a doctor before going on hormones. Messing with hormones has side effects including exacerbating some cancers. Check with a doctor and good luck with the physical transition.

  • Would like to help but your age holds me back. Not sure what the law would say about helping a minor change their sexual identity, I am sure it would not be good...

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