Streaking leads to more...

I’m a guy and when I was 15, one night I convinced my friend (also 15) to go out streaking in my neighborhood late at night. My true motivation was to see his naked body and maybe lure him into some s**. It worked! I was very attracted to him cuz he was small, thin, athletic and cute - he had very soft and feminine features. We were both ostensibly straight- but 15 year old boys are h**** for anything that moves, right?
When we stripped down to head out streaking, I could see that he was everything I had ever imagined. He was nearly hairless except for the beautiful brown curly hair on his head and a matching brown and downy bush all around his c*** which was just about my size (5.5 inches), cut and rock hard. We headed out into the night (it was about 1am in the morning) completely naked and wandered up the street to another guys house we knew from school. He was one year older than us and kind up a priss. Neither of us really like him. We sat in chairs on his patio and jacked off for a while. I suggested we c** on his patio door and my friend agreed. I then looked at my friend and opened my mouth and motioned for him to come over for a b*******. He did! I couldn’t believe I had his beautiful c*** in my mouth with his soft brown bush tickling my nose with each trip down his shaft. He tasted so, so good. My hands were gently caressing his smooth and firm butt. I sucked on him for a few minutes and then we walked over to the patio door and jacked off and came all over the glass door. After getting off, our hormone-dazed senses finally kicked in (for a few minutes at least) and we hightailed it back to my house before we got caught buck naked in the neighborhood. We then opted for something more “safe” and went skinny dipping in my pool. We spent the rest of the night sucking and jerking each other, c****** multiple times, til both of us had sores on our c**** from each others hands and saliva and c**. This started six more months of amazing and progressively more erotic and invasive s** til his dad caught us and ended our friendship. I was heartbroken and deeply depressed for six more months.

Dec 1, 2020

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  • Running around in my underpants at sleepovers in middle school progressed to a little naked streaking. The boy's thought I had a dynamite a$$ for a boy and wanted me to show it. That precocious behavior as a sixth grader got me cherry busted by one of the boy's older brother. Quite an amazing experience for a curious eleven year old.

  • I LOVE being naked in public.

  • Don't listen to that guy u do u

  • Die you f****** f***** ! Die !

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