Best friends daughter part 2

The next day being the weekend her dad and his girlfriend was around all day . He was working on a computer so I went outside.
There was a in ground pool in the back with patio chairs off to the side so beer in hand I went to the patio chairs and relaxed . Shortly after his daughter came out with 3 of her girl friends all around the same age . 11 in case you didn't read the first part of this story. all in 2 piece bikinis to go swimming. She gave me a look that told me she was out there to show off her body and god was it a great body . Her friends were attractive girls but because I knew she wanted to get f***** I couldn't keep my eyes off her . I grabbed at my c*** which was completely visible through my pants a few times when she looked over at me . I wanted her to see me doing it . Before long her friends had to go home so she and they left . Later that night with her dad and his girlfriend very close by I whispered to her I'll be sleeping on the couch on the patio which was attached to the house and screened off as if another room in the house. I told her I'll be completely naked under the covers and waiting . She had a started smiling from ear to ear and went into her room . At the end of the night her dad and his girlfriend decided to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room because their room was to hot . The sofa bed stretched out across the room . The foot of the sofa bed only 2 feet from the sliding door that lead out to the patio. The sofa I was on was right on the other side of the wall and the door was left open .I was literally laying no more then 3 feet from the foot of the bed they were sleeping in but I still stripped completely naked and waited .She never came in . The next morning I asked her why she didn't come in . I thought for sure she would say because of where her parent's were but instead she said she got nervous because she was a virgin and thought it would hurt . I told her that ever woman goes through it . Sure it will hurt a little but I'll be very gentle.
This was enough for her and the next night after everyone was asleep she came out on the patio stripped naked and hopped in but facing away from me . She hung 1 leg over mine opening her legs . I pressed my c*** between her p**** lips and began to thrust my hips .
Grinding my c*** up and down her little slit . When it got really wet I pressed it against her p**** hole and pushed . I realized at that moment that she had already lost her virginity before I came along. So I started pushing hard but her p**** was so tight I'd get little more then my c*** head in and her p**** would push it back out . Being only feet from her sleeping dad I didn't want to go crazy on her p**** . After all I didn't want him waking up so I continued pushing it in just a little deeper then my c*** head and that's how I f***** her for about an our .I never came but I loved every minute of it . She got dressed and went to bed. The next morning she told me that's something I can get use to lol.
I told her any time she wanted I'd f*** her . She told me she wanted to feel all of my c*** inside her and she wanted it harder . I have an 8" and thick c*** so I knew it would be unlikely that she could take that but i said id love too. Stay tuned for part 3


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  • If I could find you right now I would kill you.

  • Where is the 3rd part?

  • Well girls very young are very h****. Chloe my God child and I had oral s**. She was only 10. And you would be surprised how much thear c*** stretches. Used plenty of lube and break the Hyman with your finger first. That was the worse for her. Then a week later I had my d*** in her. Used plenty of lube and went slow.

  • Whats that little doll look like....

  • Like a little barbie doll

  • Sweet..

  • I found that for the first 10 times f****** her was actually a lot of work . Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of it but her p**** was so tight every time I pushed in it was a real effort and every time I went to pull back a bit it was a struggle to keep it inside her . Her p**** just wanted to push my c*** out . I have a fearly large c*** so I expected it to be a little difficult but I honestly wasn't expecting that . That whole year I was there every weekend and f***** her every time I had the chance which was surprisingly often . Her father and I drank a lot so I made sure we got drunk every weekend . After he past out she'd come to where I was sleeping. I'm surprised at how long I got away with it lol

  • Love when they are tight my youngest was 8

  • You there.........

  • I have my daughters sleep with me every night..

  • You there and im single father off three daughter. I know what you mean about tight........

  • Yes I'm here . Talk privately?

  • I have just cumm in my oldest..

  • How old is your oldest?

  • Pic?

  • What dus she. Look like. And what was she wearing.

  • Obviously fake

  • No actually it's true

  • Did she have nice t*** Jimmy and a juicy bald c***.

  • P**** had a little hair but not much . Just a little tuft at the top of her p**** slit

  • What did she look like did she have a innocent looking face.

  • She did have an innocent face but tried her best to look and act like a s***

  • Very

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