I purposely left my wife and our neighbors young son alone to finish talking on the patio on Friday and or Saturday nights to see who would make the first move on each other. After having many beers and listening to music on the patio I would pretend to no tired and tell them to make sure everything was shut down before they retired. I knew they both wanted each other and after being with my wife for over 20 years I knew she wanted something or someone to make her feel attractive regardless of what I said to her.
She was 47 and still had a sexy tight body.
I wad pretty sure she had become bored with my tiny 5 inch c*** and wax ready for something else. Justin used to come around and help out with chores. Y’all good looking and lanky I saw how my wife always seemed to be more happier with him around. After time his stories about his girlfriend not wanting much s** as he wanted finally became fixated in my wife’s head and she started to feel like she need to help out somehow. Talking to him about it didn’t seem to help or work. The words he started to use around her became as a real need of s** desperation focused on my wife. She liked how he came to her and she felt like she needed to help him. I sensed it and I knew it was building up. On one of those nights I watched from the patio window how he unzipped his pants and pulled out his limp c*** as though he was hers. She hesitated at first then looked around and grabbed his c*** with a feeling she needed to touch and feel him. Like only her could make things better. After hearing her soft moans as she rubbed it, in the bad lighting I could see her head bobbing up and down on him. Him moaning as she tried to get every inch in a possible. He asked her if it was good and she moaned yes with his c*** in her mouth. I had already started. stroking my C***. He then moved so he was no longer standing and now sitting so I could see how long he was. He was way much longer than me. After sucking on him for about ten minutes he has her stand up and positions her doggie and unzips her shorts, Once he finds her p**** he’s slides himself in and starts pumping her hard and fast. She’s trying to be quiet but she can only hold Back the moans about half way. He’s pumping her much harder than I have ever been able to.
At one point he stops and she tells him they have to be more quiet or else I’ll hear, he doesn’t care and continues to pump her like this for about 15 more minutes.
After he c*** he ask her if she does and she says yes several times, I had never been able to make her and she told me no other guy had ever made her. He then makes her clean his c*** before he puts it back in his pants and ask her if they can
Do it again. She says yes of course but they have to do it without me knowing anything he wants. She comes inside the house and takes a shower and kisses me goodnight. They do this all summer


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  • Love this. I want to share my wife!

  • Dont miss the chance for the next step in your cuckold journey. Meet her at the shower and lick her c** filled p**** nothing like it

  • Denise

  • Yes please

  • One can always tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I always wonder if people write these to perfect their writing skills...and this one really needs work, or if it just turns them on to jot down a fantasy as reality.
    I mean...personally if I was insecure about my size and performance then that would be something I would try to fix between my wife and myself, but maybe this story refers more to the man's desire to be a why stop at this...why not let your wife know it turns you on and join in on the fun. Get right in there while she's getting pounded and take that load right on yer face.

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