The Greatest Love Ever

The greatest day ever was the day my GF, Shani expressed her sexuality openly to me and revealed her deepest sexual desires and believes to me vividly. She held nothing back when she expressed her inner most being as she's always had a way even from the very start when we began dating to share explicitly unashamed and not afraid of the response others would have or even judge her. well she always said from day one that her purpose was to please me but i never understood it being the naive lad i was at the time.

so gradually she's prepared me for the surprise of my life looking back. it started with a brief discussion about what we thought of threesomes or allowing other persons to join in or participate with or without each other in sexual acts freely with others people. i advised that i didnt see anything wrong with that and that sent her over the moon that without my knowledge she went and told her best friend and even ex-f*** buddies that she's good a man that allows her to f*** around and she loves me because of that, she confessed later to me.

well then she sat me down and informed me that she believes that all woman are purposed for one reason. woman are to be s**** for men to use sexually just as they feel and she believes she a s*** thats to be used sexually by men as they desire but at the same time she's afraid of unleashing her slutty nature as she's afraid of how uncontrollable she becomes when she allows her true nature to be freed. she then asked me if i would accept the request and take up the task of becoming or being her Daddy and could i approve and support her being a big perverse s***. I was so shocked and turned on by the question i agreed to being her daddy. she had desires that i had to and still do fulfil as her father. she wanted and sexual father and at the same time help her grow in her slutty nature.

as time passed 5yrs later, we grew in many areas and are happily still inlove. whats now amazing is the fact that after even she secretively f***** around on numerous occasions ive always supported her in it. even at times when she didnt inform daddy and made as if she was intending of f****** specific men. but the day she confessed of how she got f***** in public for all to see at a bus/taxi terminus by a big black c*** after flirting with the person for many months and making plans to be lovers. he even intended to impregnate her and the thought of it made her c*** wet with excitement.

so being inlove with a sleazey s*** that she is makes my day complete each and everyday. the sluttish lifestyle we live is fabulous. we made her fantasy a reality and thats my role as daddy, she enjoyed the pleasure of letting other men impregnate her as it turned her on and still does having me father w**** kids as my own. i love sharing her and i am proudly exploring the cuckold role as a new exciting journey. ive officially added 2 extra men to our marriage as lovers were she enjoys being the obedient s**** and to express my love and approval i enjoy licking their c** out of her p**** after whoever f**** her as a sign of me approving and us being 1. the c** inside her c*** is also made part of me when i lick her c*** clean and in that manner we are bonded irrespective who she f**** or how many men gang-bang her.

I love the fact that i made the biggest, sleaziest, easy to f***, whoring most perverted s*** of daughter my p*** s*** wife

i love you Shaney

Dec 9, 2020

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  • Well, not so sure ALL women are that way. I always preferred a more willing woman as a mate myself.
    One time when I was married to Patty, this in the 70's. Along came the economy crash, gas lines, all sorts of problems and I got laid off.
    We were renting at the time, the landlord was a big guy about 50 or so.
    It only took a little bit of suggesting, he got to come by every week and collect some "rent" off of her.
    Patty didn't mind f****** the guy silly, she liked it, and he even had a couple of his friends come and get some. Liking s** doesn't make someone a s***.

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