Friends? I guess so

This occurred back about 10 years ago. I was downtown and was supposed to meet a friend for a beer but his wife called, I had a rare night out so I went with it. My wife and step son had been giving me fits and I was very frustrated. As I stood there ordering a beer a guy walked up and said he had a woman he was trying to hook up and wanted me to act like I knew him and be his wing man. So I agreed and we chatted ... she came back and he offered to grab her a drink, then he walked to the other end of the bar to order which I thought was odd, she and I had been talking and she said she was married and had one child 4 months old. As she was telling me this I noticed him make a move like putting something in her beer before he brought it back over, at that point I let her know what I saw and that I didn't know this guy from anything. When he got back she turned her back on him and we talked all evening, she ended up telling each other our names and started venting about our spouses. We parted ways and nothing happened that night. The one thing she told me was she was 25 I was 37 at the time.

Fast forward about a week, I get a facebook message and friend request from her. We chatted some for about a week and it turned a little flirty at one point but it was innocent flirting. She lived about 2 hours away mind you but was in town the night we met for a wedding. So after a few weeks of chatting she let me know she was going to be back in town and had told her husband about me and what I had done for her at the bar so they wanted to meet me for dinner. So my wife was working the night they wanted to meet so I went by myself thinking I was meeting a couple; when I got there she was a few minutes late and by that point we had each others cell numbers. So we had met at a local restaurant and she said she didn't feel much like eating and just wanted to talk. She then said she wanted to just go to a local store and walk around for a bit and talk. I learned her and her husb had been fighting and he took off leaving her at her friends house, she still wanted to meet with me and we talked through the issues and ended up in the car talking. When it was time to go she leaned in for a hug and we hugged and then she kept holding on and we ended up kissing then making out. while making out her hands were wandering as were mine -- I kept mine above the waist while her hand ended up in my lap. When mid kiss she let out a gasping WOW!, so I broke the kiss asking.. What?? she said nothing so I started asking her again and she said well you are larger than my husb or my 2 boyfriends before him... she then said she wanted to see, so I told her it was ok and she unbuttoned my jeans, then started holding and rubbing me as we kissed a little more. as she was doing this my hands went down too and I was rubbing her and after about 5 minutes or so she started shaking and said she came. She explained she is easy to get off... then she leaned back in kissed then said she wanted to taste me so with that she went down and started sucking me til she swallowed. After we finished we were talking and both agreed it was a mistake caught in the moment. We parted ways and started chatting online and phone a few days later, pretty awkwardly. We tried avoiding the whole conversation of what had happened that night but concentrated more on relationship things. We also did some more talk about likes and dislikes. Well then about a month later it was late early feb and we were talking about gifts for our spouses, she asked if I would meet her at the mall to help her shop and I said sure and explained I would like to get my wife something as well. We shopped and she got her husband something from D**** sporting goods and we ended up at Victorias Secret and I ended up buying my wife a couple of bras, with her help of course. While at the mall she ran across a once piece swim suit and picked it up, then she asked if I would go to the hot-tub rental place with her so we could relax and talk. I agreed, and I ended up picking up a pair of trunks. Once at the hot tub place we were sitting there talking and she said it was ok for me to move closer so I did and pretty soon we were making out and down came the top of the suit then she stood up and removed it. Then she had me stand and she pulled mine down and we pet and played and she also gave oral yet again. Before we knew it our time was up. As we were exiting she reached over and hugged me totally nude and I picked her up some she felt the head between her legs and she smiled said I was a bad boy and she wished we had more time to play because she wanted to feel it. We talked for a few minutes while dressing and she said good thing we didn't and it was ok we knew boundaries. We parted ways keeping on contact over this time then about a month later it was her birthday and she was in town again by this point she admitted her husband had not been pleasing her and only wanted a*** with her but she was starting to like it. I told her I had never done it before and she was shocked about that and said well maybe someday. So on her birthday she was in town again, and again her husband and her argued and she texted me she had been fighting with him earlier in the day and then her friend was being pretty suffocating to her and she needed to get out of the house for a bit and asked if I could pick her up. Mind you the entire time we had been talking my wife and I had been together one time. I had also learned my wife had a 4 month affair with a younger coworker which ended about 6 months before meeting this woman. So we meet and go for a drive and again end up stopping and talking then our hands are wandering. She is in a button down shirt with lounge pants on, her top ended up unbuttoned with me petting her massaging her mound but not penetrating. At one point she undid my belt and pants and started rubbing me too then I pulled her bottoms down for better access and rubbing her firm bottom. At this she climbs over on my lap stradding me and kissing then she says "Please Dont get mad, but I want to feel it" each time previously I didnt have anything at the moment and yes there were a couple of other meetings where we only kissed. Well again this time I didnt have anything with me because I had no intention of s**. I smiled and said are you ok? she said yes.. just once and she lowered down on me then slowly moving hips side to side. Pretty soon I said to her "are you safe" meaning on pill or during the safe time and she told me she wasnt on anything and just to let her know when I was close. Well she started riding hard and pretty sook her back was arching as she rode and she was then shaking I knew she was having an o*****. She started to climb off as soon as she finished and I asked her if she ever had 2 she said no never so I started pulling her back down and grinding her onto me, pretty soon she was getting her rhythm back. She started moaning and again had a second one but I was about to unleash as well so I said I was close... she was not spasming on me and didnt want to move so I had to lift her off and started to spirt a little then grabbed myself to stop from making a mess, she leaned in and swallowed the rest. We sat and talked for about a half hour and we decided she should get back to her friends house. On the way back we drove past a small park she used to play at as a kid and she asked me to stop so she could sit on a swing and reminisce I stopped and we were talking shew as sitting there we kissed again and she ended up laying back on the slide I started making love to her there again and she said this was the best birthday gift ever then she told me to stop for a minute, stood up bent over the log railing and said I dont know if you will fit but I want you to experience a*** at least once .. we tried for a few mintues but it was too uncomfortable so we finished making out and I got her off a third time with my hands. I dropped her off at her friends place and we talked a few more times after that then she said her husband said she didn't seem as tight as she was so she told me we had to stop meeting up. We still message a few times a year but no fun since.

Dec 9, 2020

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