Massage gets out of hand

A recent encounter prompted me to write this story! My married neighbor has been flirting profusely with me when my wife isn't present. We've lived next door to this couple for over ten years. My wife and I are retired, the neighbors are early 40's, he works and travels, she's a stay at home Mom. She recently shows up at our back door when our spouses are both out of town.
I'm a retired massage therapist. She hints that she would be interested in a full body massage. She's aware that we have a massage table set up in our family room next to our sauna. She insists that our spouse's not be aware of this massage, making me think she has something inappropriate in mind. I must say she peaked my curiosity. I mention that the following evening could work for me, say 7 pm.
Some explanation here. As I said she is early 40's and very attractive. About 5'10"s tall, athletic, with I would guess C or D cup b******, she has auburn colored hair and a beautiful tan. She's right on time, says she just showered and wanted to know if we could hop in the sauna for awhile before her massage. I mentioned that the heated table was turned on, some candles lit, and soothing music playing. She knows where the bathroom is and she can undress there, keeping her panties and bra on if she prefers, wrap up in a bath towel and meet me in the sauna.
My wife and I have experimented with V*****, she says it gives me a harder erection and more stamina, so I took one about 6:30. I slip on some board shorts and warm up the sauna. Beth walks into the sauna and purposely drops her towel. Wow looks like this party is definitely is starting, so much for bra and panties, none in sight. Her b****** are indeed D's, her aereolas are silver dollar sized with at least 3/4" nipples that are very erect. Speaking of erect, medicine is a great thing, my c*** is growing down the left leg, impossible to hide, it has reached its 9" status and visibly throbbing. After a relaxing, and I must say distracting sweat we adjourn to the massage table.
I ask her if she has any problem areas that need attention, she says all her areas need attention. She starts lying face down with her face in the face cradle and the bolster under her ankles. I try and retain some professionalism by covering her beautiful ass with a towel. I start on her feet and she's really relaxing. Work my way up her calves, back of her knees and thighs. While kneading her thighs she's moaning and spreads her legs a bit to give me better access. I rub my way to her beautiful, firm ass, careful to only slightly make contact with her outer p**** lips with my thumbs. I'm increasingly aware of her womanly scent filling the room along with a very damp spot on the sheet beneath her. Working my way up her back and working fairly aggressively on her shoulders and neck area. While working on her neck and shoulders from the head of the table I purposefully bumped her with my throbbing c***.
I ask her if she would like to roll over on her back, she moaned her front definitely needed attention. She did so, again I draped a large towel over her midsection, she abruptly reached up and discarded it onto the floor. OK then, I placed the bolster under her knees and again worked on her beautiful manicured, painted toes, she's really letting go. The sight from the foot of the table was amazing, her p**** completely shaved except for a small landing strip above her c*******. Which I must say was protruding from its hood and looked very sensetive. I worked my way up her thighs being teasingly careful not to touch her p****. She sure was arching her back and pushing it towards my hands making it a real effort on my part not to flat out assault it. I thought my throbbing c*** would explode, every vein seemed to pound to my heartbeat. I rubbed her lower flat stomach in circular motions and on to those beautiful b******. While rubbing her b****** her nipples got very erect and sensitive as I gently but firmly pinched them as she let out a noticeable squeal. I lowered my mouth to her nipple and tongued it delicately. She reached over pulling my erection from my shorts and licked the oozing precum from my pronounced mushroom head.
I jokingly mentioned that clients were not supposed to touch their massage therapist. She asked is that what this is, a massage? I walked down to the foot of the table, removed the bolster from under her knees along with my shorts and put her beautiful legs over my shoulders. Her scent was amazing as was the sight of her p**** glistening with moisture. Her c******* was visibly pulsating, as soon as I touched the tip of my tongue to it she exploded in a shaking o***** that seemed to last for several minutes. My assault continued she was soon on her way to another o***** when I entered her tight confines with the middle finger of my right hand. I quickly found and started to massage her G spot at which time I thought we might both tumble from the table. She arched her back and squirted a steady stream of nectar into my awaiting mouth. At this point I thought maybe she temporarily lost consciousness, no she was still with us. She got up from the table and asked that I lay down on my back. She proceeded to give me the best b******* of my life. She would with great expertise take me right to the edge, until I was oozing precum, but stop just short of letting me unload. She then got up on the table facing me, a foot on each side of my abdomen and proceeded to squat ride me. She reached down to guide me in to that tight p**** and lowered herself down on my entire 9"s, I could feel the tip of my p**** bumping her cervix. After several minutes of this she had another squirting o***** and her pulsating, squeezing p**** was working wonders on my erection. She begged me not to com, pushed herself up and asked for one last favor.
If she bent over the foot of the table could I please give her one more o***** doggy style. She exclaimed that she could always feel maximum penetration in this position and practically begged me to finish things off in this position. Bent over she did, legs spread, on her tip toes, back arched. What a sight, at 5'10"s her legs seemed to go on forever. I couldn't help but to bend over and lick her from her c*** to her beautiful puckered a******. As I took my third lick she shuddered to another earth shattering o*****, begging me to bury myself in her spasming p****. I positioned myself behind her and gave her just the tip and maybe a couple inches. She was almost whimpering as she asked that I please give her all I had. Enough is enough so I proceeded to give her everything I had, as she arched her back and pushed herself back to meet my thrusts I could definitely feel myself hitting her cervix. She exploded in yet another o***** and as her very talented p**** was milking my c*** one again. At that point she reached around my backside and shoved one of her long thin fingers up my ass causing me to erupt sending rope after rope of c** into her loving p****. She had me lie on the table and sucked my b**** and lick my c*** until I thought I would go wild. I'm very sensitive post o***** and it felt like she was sucking my very soul through the end of my c***.
We took a shower together, lovingly soaping each other up and discussed the nights events. She said she had never had so many o****** in one night and that her marriage was strained. Her husband has buried himself in his work, and was not attentive to her needs. His love making skills were limited when they did have s**, he did not like to perform oral s** on her, and his p**** was about half the size of mine in length and especially in girth. I told her I didn't know how he could possibly keep his tongue off her delicious p****, and that I thought her c*** responded splendidly to a good tongue lashing. We of course agreed to keep this escapade to ourselves, and perhaps for the sake of both our marriages, it shouldn't repeat itself. I'm not sure either of us could keep such a promise..

Dec 10, 2020

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  • My 1st wife worked in a spa for a few months, then she decided to go free lance. This is way back, in the early 70's. Money was tight and she explained that at home she got to keep all the money, at the spa in those days she got $7.50 for each client. There was nothing going on there, since it was in a gym, and the massage she did were right out in the open, guys might take off their shirts but that was it.
    I build her a table and put it in our spare bedroom, she only worked at the spa for a few weeks after that, then quit because she was getting a dozen guys a week at home.
    One day she told me that the guys kept suggesting she do some of the naughty stuff, that is how she put it. We talked, she mentioned they offered $20 extra which back then was a LOT.
    I wanted to buy a boat so why not? That is how all sorts of things happened. She did hand jobs topless, let them feel her up, and of course ended up f****** one of them one day.
    I found out, from a buddy that the guy bragged to, so we had a fight. But by then she was f****** nearly all of them, which was too much for me back then.
    Not much chance of getting busted since one of her clients was our local judge.

  • I hope you have lots of fun

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