Masturbation in public (F)

I love masturbating in dangerous places. I often do it at work in my office with a vibrator I keep in my purse. I also love to put it in my panties while i'm driving home. I love having an intense o***** in my car while i'm in traffic. Sometimes i even pull my t*** out of my shirt and drive around like that, hoping someone will see, beause that would make me c** so fast. I also like to play with my phone controlled vibrator while sitting on my front porch, even when everyone is outside with their kids and they are all running around playing. I will sit there and smoke while I watch p*** very quietly and c** while people make conversation with me.

Dec 10, 2020

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  • That is so f****** hot. I wish i could see you and motion for you to pull over so i could f*** the s*** out of you on the side of the road

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