Why is it so good

I'm 14 and my step sisters room is being remade and I was told that she had to sleep with me so when she did it was cool but one night she woke up nude and asked for s** I thought she was joking but she wasn't and I went to bed but then I couldn't stop thinking about her so then one night she did it again and I said yes and we had s** the entire night then my mom woke up and saw us in the same bed and said awww lucky she didn't see us nude I've had s** with my sister now over a dozen times and I don't know how to stop and I'm afraid ill get her pregnant and I don't want to stop because it's fun and it gets rid of my depression to see her p**** and ass what do I do?

Dec 12, 2020

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  • Not sure. And it is dangerous, but I bet she has a tight teen p****, and it feels awesome dropping loads inside her.

  • What do you mean by what do you do? Like you need instructions? I don’t know, you gotta do what she likes, so ask her. I can’t believe she gave you a second chance? If I ever got naked and asked my brother to fvck me, and he didnt... I would never ask him again! He was the first boy to ever make me cvm! If you make your sister cvm you will have her as a lover forever! I know that my brother can have me whenever he wants me! And we’ve been having s** for almost 4 years!

  • How old are you and your brother?

  • I just turned 18 in December, and he is 19 (will be 20 next month)! I was supposed to start college last fall, he began in the fall of 2019, so now we BOTH are home all day with nothing to do! So we fvck a LOT! After the first time we did it, I felt extremely guilty along with a plethora of other negative feelings, but... he went down on me several times and made me cvm each time! It was THAT which made me want to do it a second time! It was WEEKS before he even talked to me about it, and when he did it was to apologize for “making me do that with him” I told him that while it WAS weird, it did feel amazing! Then he asked “so you liked it?” The thought of telling him that I liked it actually felt more weird than the s**. I told him that I couldn’t answer that... ever! But if he wants to do it again, I wouldn’t say no! He just leaned over and kissed me! We’ve been fvcking ever since! In fact, out parents are buying a mobile home for us to both live in when our school re-opens! When we went up to look at it, we walked into the master bedroom, and he said “nice! I guess this will be our bedroom!” So he wants us to live as a proper couple! Obviously I am on the pill, and I use a menstrual cup that covers my cervix (like a diaphragm) just for that extra protection. There is zero risk of pregnancy! We BOTH understand how people would react if they ever found out, and we are under no delusion that we will live “happily ever after”. But for now this works.

  • How old is your step sister?

  • 15 years old

  • She's your step sister so its nowhere near like your blood sister. But make sure you use rubbers every time. If you're ashamed to buy them tell her to get them, presuming she's older than you.

  • You can use condoms. very safe.
    best protection.
    or she use birth-control pills. Which are not so safe.
    And have side-effects.
    So better condoms .
    But she is Step sister. so ther is no biological problem.
    she can get pregnant if she want .Or if you both are ok with it.
    So dont worry so much.

  • Lucky man

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