Tricked my mother

I found out that my mother had signed up for a online dating service. I created a fake account and contacted her. I was able to tell her everything she wanted to hear simply because hey she's my mom. We would chat for hours and then traded email addresses so we could chat in private. Things started to turn into sexual teasing with each other and I was able to get my mother to send me some private personal nude pictures and I sent her some of mine but I never showed my face or any back round because she would have known my bedroom in the pictures. This is the first time I have ever seen my mother nude. I was so excited to see her nude and I was jerking off looking at her nude pictures Many times a day. She was telling me about her sexual experiences and her fantasies and desires. I couldn't believe how much of a freak my mom is and at one point I asked her if she ever had a desire or fantasy about having s** with her son. She didn't answer right away and then she said please don't judge me for this but I have often wonder what it would be like to have s** with my son but I would never do it in real life. It's just a fantasy of mine. I told her I don't think there is anything wrong with that and I have often thought what it would be like to have s** with my mother. My mother had no idea she was telling all of this to me her son and sending me her son her private personal nude pictures showing every single inch of her body. To this day she has no idea that it was her son trading nude pictures with her and sharing sexual experiences and desires to me

Nov 4, 2019

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  • I think that was a great idea, but keep it to yourself, she'd die of shame.

  • You should tell her it was you, its not fair for her, and she will probably like it

  • Full bush or is she bald?

  • If it's the former,be ready for sneezing from the hair entering the nostrils.

  • Upload some of the videos on net and share the urls for more thrill

  • What was her opinion on your c*** ? Have you both chaturbated ? What dirty talks she made with you ?

  • I've never shown her my face but we have masturbated together online and she has no idea that she is totally naked and masturbating with her son watching her. I can't tell you how many times I've c** in front of her on cam and she has no idea it's me

  • During the next chat, when she talks about her fantasies about you, show her your self all

  • Talk about how does she wants to f***, the f*** positions, kinks etc. Suck on a pair of undies on the screen for her and show her you m********* asking her to reveal her moist p****, lips widely drawn by her fingers!

  • That is such a low life thing to do to your own mother. Betraying your own momma. My gawd.

  • You are a naughty boy! Surely your mom would be turned on even more if you keep it where she doesn't know it's you she's flirting with. I envy you dude! I would love to know some of her fantasies that she is telling you about. Please share!

  • She has sent me some nude pictures of herself and said that she wants to meet with me and have s** anytime anywhere

  • What will you achieve except for having her fim or pics?Plan how to get her to seduce you for "him"(the lover) and post video.Then you can meet at her home itself instead of going elsewhere(she said -anywhere).This way ,you can assure her,it will remain a secret as the son (again you)will keep his mouth shut in exchange for his share of fun.

    You can try some other method as well.

  • Continue anonymously as long as you can, spice up her sexuality and satisfy your eroticism provided if you don't want to f*** her!!

  • It was a great way to find out about your mum's incest fantasy. It sounds like you have a good opportunity to have s** with your mum! I wouldn't rush into it, I would seduce her and start giving her compliments. Be flirtatious and affectionate. If you're smart about it, you'll have you mum in your bed in no time!

  • Great advice.He should take her for himself and not allow her to belong to anybody else.

  • Thanks

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