Hi everyone, I want to start by saying I hope everyone is having a good day and are staying safe out there. I used to be a server at a buffalo wild wings, one night during a shift I had a customer grab my butt and crotch infront of his friends. I reported it to my manager and they told me to tell the customer that were like a strip club, that the customer may look but not touch. Not only did management not even file an incident report but they never even offered any support services for what happened. They responded by cutting my hours and giving me smaller sections than others. After 2 months of waiting and them blatantly ignoring a coworker verbally battering me I put my two weeks in only to get told from a coworker that they fired and banned me from the building cause I made the decision to pursue a charge of discrimination against them. Now I've been denied unemployment benefits after waiting since august to get benefits to get caught up on bills. I just found out last week that they gave unemployment a totally different story and that I'm gonna have to wait another 6 weeks because of this. Im emotionally and mentally drained from dealing with all of this plus other life things going.

Dec 12, 2020

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  • Welcome to how the world really works. What, you thought you got away from idiots when you graduated from middle school?

  • Me personally I would find out where the manager lives and you know the rest.

  • This. Proper channels never work if you're not with the right crowd.

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