Considering reassessment of what I'm doing

I'm the CEO of a technology company sitting in a teleconference listening to what seem like a bunch of talking heads today. They banter mind numbing details about when all I want to do is grab my son out of daycare and take him someplace to watch him watch people. The aquarium is his favorite and somehow that seems a lot more relevant than what I'm doing now. This job use to be my life and now it just seems to eat it...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you want your son having a good life, and if you want your Son will be strong and smart. Then make sure he NEVER eat sugar. or atleast as rare as possible,
    Sugar ( Fructose )
    is a poison.

  • Oh how this resonates. I own a company of 10. The time that is wasted by off topic details people. It seems like I simply exist to feed their families.

  • STOP eat Fructose

  • To those that read and left a comment, I thought I'd look this post up and add a closing note. Ten years has been enough. I am in the process of selling my share of the company and focusing on other things (including my son who just turned one). I've been fortunate to have career options and I hope others find a way to focus on what's important to them, regardless of circumstance. The talking heads aren't important, neither is the money after a while. Best wishes...

  • Awesome Aquarium

  • Sell out, grab the retirement loot, and stay home with the kid. You're the CEO of a corporation in a collapsing economy - ABANDON SHIP!

  • You're the CEO, take the day off. I'm the entry-level accountant with about a million people vying for my crappy job, who are all as qualified as I am. I can't take the day off. And it sucks ass.

    Take advantage of your position, and go for it. Trust me, in 100 years it won't matter that you weren't there for a meeting, but it will matter if you are at the aquarium with your son.

  • Fake a migraine and leave, then hang out with your son. I doubt you'd regret it - time goes by so fast, we need to take as many opportunities as we can to spend time with family and friends, it's the only thing that actually matters.

  • Wow, you sound like an amazing parent.

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