I could use some advice.

I started dating my boyfriend 6 months ago, I was a heavy drinker & a heavy cigarette smoker. He didn’t do anything, he wouldn’t drink, smoke, he had a good head on his shoulders. Over the course of these 6 months I quit smoking, I slowed down on my drinking & now he’s the one slipping into these habits. I know he’s depressed & looking for an escape but he started smoking, smoking weed, drinking & now talking about trying pills & psychedelics. He’s trying them out tomorrow night & I keep begging him not to, he doesn’t care. I understand there’s worse drugs that he could be experimenting with but my mom was a drug addict. I don’t want to go through this s*** again, I’m terrified he’s going to eventually go down that same path. I lost my mom to drugs, he knows this. He knows how I feel, am I wrong for being upset?

Dec 16, 2020

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  • Do you really want to spend your life with a person with such a bad habit as alcohol???
    I have see so many lives trashed by alcohol, it is a very sad way for you to spend your life like this.
    You turned your life around don't waste it by sticking to him and his problems with drinking and that's something you stopped yourself from doing, why follow him on this journey??
    Life is short make the best of each day that you can. Don't waste it!!
    But that's my option...
    I have seen many a person make a mess of there lifes with alcohol, it was really a sad thing to watch.
    And so many get hurt with there feelings or physically get hurt.
    Where do you want your life to go???

  • Tell him you’ll suck his d*** if he says no and you’ll do it every day he abstains. Maybe twice a day if needed. Give him a choice between getting off and getting high. Also, you have to ask yourself if you’d suck his d*** every day to keep him off drugs.

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